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March 24 Mystical New Moon: All the Astrology You Need to Know!

A Mystical and Magical New Moon

The new Moon in sidereal Pisces is one of the most mystical new Moons of 2020! This is partially due to the nakshatra influence where the new Moon occurs (read on - more on the nakshatra below).

Even though this new Moon in watery Pisces is super sensitive, creative and intuitive, there is an element of reality required for our intentions associated with this new Moon since serious Saturn will casting his gaze toward the Sun and Moon.

Whatever your new Moon intentions are be sure to keep it real! Saturn will require that, even though you may feel like floating about the ethers.

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New and Full Moon Horoscopes by Sign

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Starting in January this year, I decided to switch to a monthly horoscope. The new and full Moon forecast is part of the monthly forecast and is clearly marked within the forecast with a bold header. Go to your horoscope page and scroll down to the "New Moon March 24" section that is in bold

New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra


Deity: Ahirbudhyana Symbol: Back Legs of a Funeral Cot Shakti: To Bring Rain Quality: FixedUttara Bhadrapada nakshatra supports intentions for the following activities:

▪ Meditation

▪ Developing intuition and psychic abilities

▪ Financial dealings/business transactions

▪ Marriage

▪ Laying foundations

▪ Gardening

▪ Artistic projects

Best Timing for New Moon Ritual

March 24, 1:28 am Pacific Time through March 24, 2:48 pm Pacific Time is good for laying foundations and spiritual work. From March 24, 2:48 pm Pacific Time through March 25 3:37 am Pacific Time is better for intentions connected to spiritual objectives related travel and movement.

New Moon Phase begins: March 22, 11:01 pm Pacific Time

New Moon Phase ends: March 24, 1:28 am Pacific Time

New Moon Intention

"All that I need to know is revealed to me. My intuition is always on my side." - Louise Hay


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Namaste, Pamela


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