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July 2 Solar Eclipse: Be Prepared!

It's Eclipse Season!
July 2 Solar Eclipse Astrology Horoscopes

Eclipses are considered supportive for spiritual practice and not much else! Even though it is a new Moon and typically good for new beginnings, this does not hold true for this eclipse.

Unless you can absolutely avoid it, the guidelines given by the ancient seers of Vedic astrology are to avoid important new beginnings, since important details are obscured during an eclipse. The lights of the Sun or the Moon are darkened by Rahu or Ketu, and this can veil our perception and sometimes the actions of others!

During the actual eclipse and a day before, avoid if possible:

  • Beginning important new projects

  • Making a large purchase like a house or a car, or move into a home, etc...

  • Starting a new business

  • Entering into a partnership agreement

If you already have something important planned, do not worry! Just be very careful about the details, especially when dealing with legally binding contracts or agreements. Ask questions about anything that is unclear before signing! See exact times for the eclipse at the end of this article.

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The intense energy surrounding an eclipse may be felt as early as a week prior to the event. I am posting this article sooner than I usually would, so that you will have all the details about this important astrological event well in advance.

The Solar Eclipse (new Moon) occurs in the sidereal sign of Gemini, at 16:30, within the nakshatra of Ardra.

Keep in mind the key words below for the zodiac sign, Gemini, as you read the rest of this article. Regardless of your rising sign, Sun or Moon signs, the central meanings of Gemini can come into play during this eclipse.

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Gemini Eclipse: Keywords associated with Gemini:
  • Courage

  • Social Interactions

  • Communication; writing, speaking, marketing

  • Short distance travels (think local, or within your own country)

  • Self-Promotion

  • Younger Siblings

  • Neighbors and friends that are like family

  • Hands and Arms

There is still a mash-up of planetary energy associated with this eclipse, as there was with the new and full Moons in June! Venus, Sun, Moon and Rahu are all in Gemini. Saturn, Ketu and Pluto are opposing the eclipse from Sagittarius. .

Anyone with key planets (Sun, Moon or chart ruler) in 14-20 degrees of air (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) or fire signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) OR those who are in the planetary period or any sub-period of Venus, Rahu or Jupiter can feel this eclipse more intensely! Particularly those with Moon in Ardra or Purva Ashadha nakshatras!

Fortunately, Mercury as the planetary ruler of Gemini, is not caught in the midst of this eclipse!

Solar Eclipse: New Moon in Ardra Nakshatra - What is it good for?

Ardra : The Star of Sorrow

Star: Betelgeuse

Symbol: Teardrop

Quality: Sharp or forceful

Deity: Rudra (the moist one)

Energy: The shakti/power of achievement

Planetary Ruler: Rahu

Ardra is governed by Rudra, the God of storms and destruction. Definitely a double indicator of bad timing for important new beginnings!

Arda does favour activities that require shattering resistance. Think of how a kite will rise against the force of a high wind.

Ardra nakshatra energy supports:
  • Endings

  • Destruction (a great time to pull weeds!)

  • Managing conflict

  • Research

  • Removing old structures (literal and metaphorical)

  • Clearing clutter

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Facing difficult issues head on

  • Cleansing practices, like cord cutting or smudging

Solar Eclipse Intention

I call upon the Universe (and/or whomever you wish!), my guides, and teachers to cut any cords that may be attached to my mind, body or spirit that are not aligned to my highest good. I release all ties back to their sources with love and blessings.

Solar Eclipse Ritual Timing

The July Solar Eclipse occurs on July 2, 9:55:13 am PDT, until Jul 2, 2:50:34 pm PDT. The eclipse is visible across most of South America.

Anytime during the eclipse, chant a mantra, meditate, write or say affirmations. Whatever is aligned to your highest good.

Once the eclipse is over, clear your space, cleanse or remove whatever no longer serves you, others and the highest good of the planet. Ardra is active through 6:05pm PDT, so best time to clear, create endings, or begin to break habits is 2:50pm PDT - 6:05pm PDT.

Schedule a consultation with Pamela to find out how this eclipse will influence your life!


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