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January 28 Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

Happy Full Moon in the Star of Nourishment!

The full Moon in Pushya nakshatra is an opportunity to be in the flow with the energy of nourishment - a wonderful intention considering the past year we have all experienced! But let's talk about this beautiful Full Moon in the water sign of Cancer first! (Just a reminder for my western astrology friends, I use sidereal zodiac calculations).

This is an interesting full Moon. I say this because of three other key influences leading up to and just beyond the full Moon:

1. Moon will first oppose Saturn shortly after midnight (PST) on January 28, on it's way to the fullest phase. I would love to hear from friends in the Northern hemisphere who are normally asleep at this time, and if this has an impact upon your sleep quality Wednesday night! At the same time Moon will be in a tense square to erratic Uranus. Definitely a lot of energy during the overnight period for those of us in the Northern hemisphere!

2. At it's fullest on January 28 at 11:15am PST, Moon will oppose Sun (of course!) and also Jupiter. Sun is almost exactly conjoined expansive Jupiter and this will bring the expansive Jupiter energy inward as the brilliant rays of the Sun blocks Jupiter from our site, and its outward influences.

3. Last but not least! Moon is in a close and tense square influence from fiery Mars at the time of the full. This combined with the full Moon energy can lead to some fiery emotional interactions. The good news is that Moon will be in a soft an nourishing nakshatra at the time of the full phase. Moon does however shift into fierce Ashlesha nakshatra after the full AND at the exact time of the Moon/Mars square at 2:30pm PST on January 28. A very key time to practice mindfulness, pretty much the entire day. My Cancer rising friends may feel these shifts more intensely since you are ruled by the Moon.

This is the one and only brilliant and full Moon in the Moon's own sign of Cancer during 2021, so be sure to make it count!

Consider closely matters related to the house that the new Moon falls in for you and the meanings associated with that house. (read your new Moon horoscope on my website horoscopes page!).

From my new book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners, on sale now in stores and Pushya, “The Star of Nourishment” Deity: Brihaspati Symbol: Lotus Flower, Udder of a Cow Shakti: The Power to Create Spiritual Energy Quality: Light and Swift The cow’s udder as the symbol for Pushya nakshatra imparts so many important meanings as Pushya is the star of nourishment. Cows are considered very sacred animals in India and they are intelligent yet emotional and intuitive animals. They provide nourishment, and have long been a symbol of fertility in many cultures. Planets within the sign of Pushya can impart nurturing qualities and it also can symbolize someone who gets great pleasure out of cooking and feeding or nurturing others. You can read more about Pushya nakshatra and the other 27 nakshatras and more in my new book Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Pushya nakshatra is supportive of: - Healing yourself or others - Laying the Foundation for New Projects (see below!!!) - Cooking and Gardening - Beginning new ventures or events -- If you have something you want to begin make sure you do it before the Moon starts to wane! If you begin it during the still waxing Moon phase (see below) you will have support of the Moon to begin a new project in this nakshatra. Depending upon the house that the new Moon occurs in your birth chart there will be opportunities for nourishment in a specific area of your life. Be sure to check your new Moon forecast.

Full Moon Phase begins: January 27, 11:48am Pacific Time Full Moon Phase ends: January 28, 11:15am Pacific Time Use of the water element in your new Moon ritual for Pushya nakshatra is extremely important. You can place a flower in a bowl of water or even some milk in a small vessel on your altar space.

Best Full Moon Ritual Timing for ENDINGS: January 28 3:30pm PSTthrough January 29, 10:00am PST

Please do have a look at the crystal grids I have created for new and full Moon (and other) rituals in my *Etsy store here*.

"Water purifies and nourishes me. May this full Moon energy and element of water give emotional, spiritual and physical nourishment to every living being on our planet. "

New and Full Moon Ritual/Crystal Grids in my Etsy shop

If you haven't already picked up a copy of my book - Vedic Astrology for Beginners, please do read some reviews on Amazon and see if it is right for you, right now!

Even for the experienced Vedic astrologers out there you may enjoy having it handy as a reference book because it contains literally thousands of well organized and key data points that can slip the mind of even the most astute astrologers!

Happy Full Moon! Pamela


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