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🌕✨August 1st Full Moon in Capricorn - Tune into Shravana Nakshatra's Whispers 👂 🌕

The upcoming full moon on August 1st, 2023, brings with it an opportunity to focus on listening, learning, and spiritual growth.

Set to take place in the earthy sign of Capricorn, the Full Moon specifically graces the star of Shravana. This event illuminates a path to inner wisdom, beckoning us forward on our personal journey.

Intensified by Pluto, the celestial body of transformation, we're presented with a special invitation to uncover deeper truths and embrace our personal evolution.

With this celestial backdrop in mind, let's journey together through the astrological tapestry of this Full Moon in Shravana. This celestial event invites us to discover deeper truths and transformative energies.

Keep looking up! Pamela


Embrace Transformation: Full Moon in Capricorn a Call to Deep Listening

Navigating The Full Moon Under Pluto's Intense Gaze

The Full Moon in Capricorn, magnified by the transformative energy of Pluto, calls us towards a deep sense of responsibility, discipline, and realistic appraisal of our life's trajectory. (Just a reminder I use sidereal Vedic astrology calculations).

It prompts us to build strong foundations, foster resilience, and cultivate an earnest understanding of our goals and ambitions.

During this period, we may feel an enhanced focus on the house that Capricorn represents in our birth chart (read your rising sign forecast below!).

As we navigate the wisdom-filled energies of Shravana, further discussed in this newsletter, the Capricorn Full Moon serves as a grounding platform for our earthly pursuits and commitments.


Navigating the Full Moon: Your Personalized August Full Moon Guide

This general forecast provides a broad understanding, but remember, your unique birth chart will offer a more personalized narrative. Be sure to read for your rising sign! If you do not know your Vedic sidereal rising sign you can get it for free on my site here Free Vedic chart calculator

Aries: Guided by the influence of Pluto, the Full Moon illuminates your career and public image. As you navigate through these key transformations, Shravana gently nudges you to tune into your intuition and draw wisdom from your life experiences.

Taurus: As the Full Moon lights up your house of higher learning and spirituality, this part of your chart is also emphasized by Pluto's energy, while Moon in Shravana nakshatra guides you to listen deeply and welcome transformative spiritual growth.

Gemini: Delve into the depths of transformation and shared resources. The Full Moon in your 8th house, combined with Pluto's power, encourages you to embrace change. Shravana's wisdom reminds you to listen to your intuition and focus on others' needs.

Cancer: Relationship transformations are on the horizon as the Full Moon as your chart ruler shines in your 7th house of partnerships, intensified by Pluto's influence. Through Shravana, learn to listen to your partner's desires and communicate effectively.

Leo: With the Full Moon illuminating your health and daily routines, Shravana's influence encourages you to listen to your body's signals and learn from them, while Pluto's energy reveals areas where change is needed.

Virgo: Unleash your creativity and passion as the Full Moon lands in your 5th house. With Shravana's wisdom and Pluto's transformative influence, learn to appreciate and listen to your unique creative impulses that come from within.

Libra: Home is where the heart is. With the Full Moon in your 4th house, Shravana prompts you to listen to your deepest desires for inner peace, uncovering any shadows that Pluto fuels for transformations in your internal or external home.

Scorpio: The Full Moon in your 3rd house brings transformative changes in communication, heightened by Pluto's influence. Shravana guides you to listen effectively and learn from others' perspectives.

Sagittarius: Personal assets and values come into focus as the Full Moon graces your 2nd house. With Shravana's guidance and Pluto's transformative energy, learn to appreciate your values and listen to your inner wisdom.

Capricorn: Step into the spotlight of self-discovery as the Full Moon shines brightly in your 1st house, with Pluto propelling profound personal transformation. Allow Shravana's energy to guide you in listening to your inner self.

Aquarius: Unveil deep spiritual insights and transformation with the Full Moon illuminating your 12th house of spirituality and solitude. Shravana's influence encourages you to listen to your inner voice and learn from solitude, bolstered by Pluto's energy. Dreams may be especially powerful at this time.

Pisces: Community ties are evolving. The Full Moon in your 11th house, enhanced by Pluto's transformative energy, signals significant changes in your social or business networks. Through Shravana's wisdom, learn to appreciate and listen to your community's voice.


Illuminating the Depths of Wisdom with Full Moon in Shravana

Listening to the Wisdom of Shravana

Shravana, often symbolized by an ear, is associated with learning, wisdom, and understanding. This nakshatra, ruled by the Moon and presided over by Vishnu, the Preserver, aligns us with the rhythm of life, promoting harmony and growth. It encourages us to nurture our intellectual curiosity, dive deep into the reservoir of knowledge, and emerge enlightened.

Shravana supports our efforts in Acquiring Knowledge and Learning. Its influence enhances our ability to absorb new information, lending us the patience and dedication required for intellectual pursuits.

Spiritual Attunement and Growth are also characteristic of this nakshatra. Shravana prompts us to go beyond the mundane, to seek out the divine, and to align ourselves with the cosmic rhythms.▪Shravana is also linked to the theme of Effective Communication. As we listen more deeply, we also learn to communicate more effectively, fostering understanding and harmony in our relationships.

▪ Lastly, Shravana nurtures Humility and Service. As we immerse ourselves in learning and growing, we are encouraged to remain humble, offering our skills and wisdom in service of others.


BEST TIMING FOR ENDINGS: July 31, from 2:31pm PDT through August 1 at 11:30am PDT,

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: August 1, from 11:31am PDT through August 2 at 7:31am PDT.

Remember, each person's experience with the full moon will be different, depending on individual astrological charts. Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom.

Wishing you a Full Moon filled with transformative wisdom and spiritual growth.

With blessings,


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