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✨💫 New Look, New Moon: Discover Your Updated Moon Guide 🌙

I am so excited to unveil a new format for my Moondance Astrology new and full Moon forecasts!


The new Moon in Bharani nakshatra on May 7 seemed like the perfect time to go out with the old and in with the new!


The new format is designed for an easier reading experience for all levels of Vedic astrology understanding. The streamlined layout delivers clear, actionable insights tailored for each new and full Moon.


Read all about it in the new sections; 'Lunar Lowdown' for key lunar facts and 'Nakshatra Narratives' for deeper nakshatra wisdom, and much more! All created to help you harness the powerful energies of the lunar cycles.


Thank you for letting me guide you through the stars.  



New Moon: Lunar Lowdown

Astrological Alchemy: The Moon’s Transformative Connections

New Moon in sidereal Aries – May 7th, 2024 (8:21 PM PT)


This fiery new Moon, occurring at almost 24 degrees sidereal Aries, is closely conjunct Uranus and Venus, heralding unexpected changes and new beginnings.


Saturn close aspectual influence to the new Moon, promoting restraint and consistency, introduces a dynamic tension with Uranus's impulse for freedom.


The conjunction of Uranus and Venus with the new Moon in Aries fuels innovative approaches to personal and material values, while Saturn’s influence ensures these innovations are sustainable.


Embrace the fiery energy of this new Moon in Aries to courageously initiate changes. Balance innovation with discipline to transform your personal and material realms sustainably.



Nakshatra Narratives: Bharani - Where the Womb of Creation and Dissolution Meet

New Moon in Bharani Nakshatra


Governed by Yama, the God of Death and Dharma, Bharani nakshatra is not just about endings (literally and metaphorically) but is also profoundly creative, as symbolized by the womb. This new Moon is a powerful time to birth or rebirth your most cherished creative ideas.


Yama, as Lord of the Underworld, is naturally associated with the Buffalo. The buffalo is his vahana or vehicle, and signifies the ability to traverse the realms of the living and the dead.


How to Engage with Bharani Nakshatra’s Energy:

Fierce Actions: Take bold steps towards personal transformation.

Creativity: Channel your inner artist and initiate creative projects.

Endings: This is an ideal time for de-cluttering your space, completing lingering projects, and fulfilling commitments. Use this period to close chapters that no longer serve you.


Ascendant Advisory: Navigating the Lunar Impact

This curated selection of rising sign forecasts offers focused guidance based on the current moon phase. Understand how the celestial energies affect you, even if your sign isn't covered every time. (Remember, individual charts can always shift the influence!)


Aries and Libra Rising:

 For those with Aries and Libra ascendants, this new moon in Bharani nakshatra marks a significant period for endings, innovative changes or new beginnings, especially regarding committed romantic or business relationships.


Aquarius Rising

 This new moon in Bharani nakshatra, along with Venus and Uranus and aspected by your chart ruler, Saturn, signals a time of innovative ideas, but also meaningful communications. Expect breakthroughs in how you connect with others and express your creative thoughts.


Set your intentions to clear out the old as the moon wanes and to welcome the new once the moon begins to wax.



Vedic Wisdom Spotlight: Mark Your Calendars

Akshaya Tritiya on May 9-10


Don’t miss Akshaya Tritiya, considered one of the the most auspicious days of the year, when both the Sun and Moon are in their signs of exaltation (strength!). Enhance your fortunes by engaging in spiritual and material new beginnings.


I will be sending out a more in-depth piece to newsletter subscribers with best timing for this auspicious event on May 7.   

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