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April 18-19 Full Moon Horoscope by Rising Sign

April 18-19, 2019 marks the final phase of the waxing Moon for the month. The Moon will be at its brightest in the sidereal sign of Libra, in the nakshatra of the bright one, Chitra. Be sure to read part one of this forecast; it has full Moon ritual times, the intentions that are most supported while the Moon is full in Chitra, and a lot more valuable information about this only full Moon in Libra for 2019!

Aries: Your relationship sector is lit brightly by this full Moon in Libra! Chitra nakshatra (be sure to read part one of this forecast!) is supportive for building relationships. Set your intentions if you are not currently in a relationship for your ideal partnership! If you are currently in a relationship and want to create some change, set your intention for endings and/or new beginnings at this full Moon! Gather your courage and ask for help from super-strong Hanuman! But remember to connect deeply into your heart-center for answers and connect this to your intentions.

Taurus: This is your once in a year chance to lay the foundation for banishing any habit or setting intentions to re-create any established routine (personal or work related) with this full Moon energy. Like Tvashtr (be sure to read part one of this forecast!) you can sculpt your habits into an efficient, organized and creative way of life that is supportive for your highest good! Be strong, reflect upon your deepest hearts desires and dream big!

Gemini: Romance and creativity is in the air with this full Moon in artistic and love oriented Libra! Harness the supportive creative energy of Chitra nakshtra (be sure to read part one of this forecast!) and set your intentions for romance and new creative works during this full Moon phase. And if you have adult or young children, this could be the time to set a new routine for yourself and for your interactions with them. Regardless, be sure to carve out some time for play on this full Moon and beyond! Do whatever it is that makes your heart sing!

Cancer: Since your chart ruler is the Moon, the full Moon phases are extra powerful for you dear Cancer! This once in a year full Moon in the area of life associated with your home, happiness, and your relationship with your mother is coming up now. Whether or not your mother is still walking the earth, this Full lunar phase is an important time to reflect upon your relationship with her and how she contributed to shaping who you are today. This is definitely the perfect time to eliminate the things in your home environment that do not make you truly joyful. Marie Kondo it! Keep only the things that make your heart joyful!

Leo: This is a very creative influence for you Leo! Especially if you have a writing, marketing or craft project you want to begin or are just wrapping up during this full Moon. Take full advantage of the energy and influence of Tvashtar (be sure to read part one of this forecast!). The third house is also associated with courage, and since this is Hanuman Jayanti too, this can be a powerful time to connect with Hanuman to strengthen your resolve and bolster courage from an open heart to take the necessary action to live your most empowered heart-centered life.

Virgo: It's time to take a close look at your values and ethics; the material and spiritual values you hold dear in your life. Whatever you feel needs to be re-engineered, this full Moon energy is there to support your efforts and intentions! Connect to the celestial architect Tvashtr, gather your courage and tune into your heart (be sure to read part one of this forecast!) to set your intentions to rebuild your spiritual and material foundations at this time. This full Moon is also illuminating the area of your chart associated with food. If you have been thinking about a diet redesign, this is an excellent time to put a plan into place.


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Libra: This is your once a year deeply personal full Moon! Be sure to take advantage of the energy of the architect to the gods during special full Moon in Libra. Since Moon rules your house of career and karma, essentially what you are known for in this lifetime, it is an outstanding time to also consider your mid-term career objectives. Take this time to assess the parts of your work that you want to re-tool using the exceptional skill and tools that Tvashtr (be sure to read part one of this forecast!). can lend you during this full Moon. Re-design, remove, re-shape your life to fit your highest and most heartfelt purpose!

Scorpio: The deepest and hidden corners of your subconscious mind will be illuminated with the bright light of the full Moon in Chitra nakshatra (be sure to read part one of this forecast!). Take this time to excavated the recesses of your sub-conscious. Pay super close attention to your dreams the nights of April 18 and 19! There will be important messages coming from your subconscious mind at this time. Be sure to write them down so you can reflect on them and gleam all of the meanings as they unfold with time. This is also the once a year influence that is supportive for setting intentions for mindfulness to redesign your thoughts into a more supportive and positive perspective or commit to a regular meditation practice to fulfill a heart-centered life.

Sagittarius: If money has been on your mind lately, this full Moon in your eleventh house of your horoscope will really enhance your interest in what you earn from your work. It could be an excellent time to raise your rates if you are self-employed (keep in mind the individual chart will have a big influence on best timing!) or maybe it is time to ask for a raise. Whatever the situation, this full Moon energy is super supportive to tap into the courage needed to redirect your goals regarding earnings. Check in with your emotions and heart at the deepest level while you are considering these parts of your life. Remember courage is not really courage without heart! (be sure to read part one of this forecast!)

Capricorn: The energy connected to the courage of Hanuman combined with the skill of Tvashtr during this full Moon phase can support your career objectives ! This is your once a year influence of the brightest Moon lighting up the strongest house of the horoscope - the tenth house, which is most connected with career and karma. But do so with heart. Remember the true meaning of courage (be sure to read part one of this forecast!). Leverage this powerful opportunity to set your intentions, and build your plan today!

Aquarius: The most significant house of your birth chart associated with dharma, abundance, philosophy, beliefs and spirituality is activated for you right now! How do you want to re-imagine these areas of your life? This full Moon energy is casting a 1000 watt light on these important areas for you. Higher education may also come into play around this time. If you are thinking about taking a workshop or teaching a workshop this would be a superlative time to sign up or to lay out your plans for your own teachings. Tap into the tao of Tvashtar and Hanuman (be sure to read part one of this forecast!) to reach for the stars!

Pisces: Transformation is key for you during this full Moon! Anything personal that you want to end during this lunar phase is supported - particularly things that will take an open heart and courage! Beginnings are also good at this time...often it takes closing one door so we can open another. The Moon is also shining a silvery light on your partners financial resources, if you are currently in a relationship. If you have goals connected to you and your partners finances, this could be a powerful time to discuss long term goals with them and align your objectives and your true hearts desires.


Thank you so much for taking time to read my words! I love sharing with you the dance of the Moon as it moves through the signs and the lunar mansions, or nakshatras.

The Moon as our mind, emotions and intuition is such a key planet to observe and understand in the birth chart! If you would like to learn more about your moon, you can either schedule a consultation or order your personalized written analysis of your Moon here.


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