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April 11, 2021: New Moon in Revati Nakshatra - The Star of Wealth

The new Moon is at it's darkest at 7:19pm Pacific Time, just as the Sun is getting ready to set! Check the western horizon at that time to honor the new Moon energy!

The Moon changes signs just a few hours after the new phase and if you want to begin something new, you may want to wait until Monday morning when the Moon joins up with Venus.

The final two padas (parts) of Revati nakshatra is particularly un-supportive for new beginnings.

I share the best hours for new beginnings below.

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy for all associated with this new Moon in the water sign of Pisces associated with:

▪ Recycling ▪ Spirituality ▪ The subconscious mind ▪ Philanthropy ▪ Foreign Lands ▪ Sensitivity

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Revati Nakshatra: The Star of Wealth

Symbol: A Pair of Fish Deity: Pushan

New Moon Energy: The Power to Protect, Nourish and Foster

The lunar mansion of Revati has a soft energy. This is in part due to the nature of the presiding deity, Pushan.

Pushan (one of the 12 Adityas) is know as the Animal Keeper of the Gods, and is the guide, shepherd and protector of the herds as they move from one place to another.

Pushan is called upon to assist with safe travel. He is also considered to be the all important protector of the soul in its journey to the next world, a super important journey! Read more in my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners. Revati nakshatra energy is ▪ Nourishing ▪ Supportive ▪ Protective ▪ Prosperous

New Moon Ritual Timing BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: April 12, 3:30am - 9:30pm Pacific Time.Get your Lunar Phase Moon altar cloth here to follow the phases of the Moon as it waxes and wanes!

Sidereal Forecasts!

This is just a reminder for those who are new to my new and full Moon forecasts and other articles -- my forecasts are created using the sidereal zodiac calculations. Your rising sign, and other planets in your birth chart will usually (but not 100% of the time) shift signs from your tropically calculated horoscope.


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