Scorpio Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: April 2020

Your Month Ahead: April Forecast

Your ruler Mars continues to march strongly through Capricorn until early May. The balance of the journey will not be without some twists and turns, though!


Your fiery ruler Mars literally just zipped by slow and steady Saturn on March 31. You can now feel the wind in your hair and move at a somewhat faster pace, with fewer obstacles in your path for the remainder of April.


That said, you (Mars) are still visiting Saturn’s house so please do not forget to respect your elders (Saturn is the eldest of the planets!) and slow down and enjoy the process. This is also your third house, and this is an intense time to have so much planetary energy piled up in the area of your chart connected with social connections and short distance journeys. Hang in there!


There is one day to make special note of and that is the full Moon day on April 7. Your ruler Mars will be in a very big tug of war with unpredictable Uranus, and with the full Moon energy be sure to watch your emotions as they have the capacity to be all over the map on this day. This is not a day to take risks with your physical body or be over reactive at work. Especially with Mars very strong by transit in the courage sector of your birth chart. Pay attention and be present in your actions.


April is an excellent month for creativity and for arts and crafts. And if you have been spending more time at home like so many, why not get out your favorite craft project? With detail-oriented Saturn in the mix you will turn out something quite stunning!


Relationships will also be taking a front seat in April as the planet of love and romance heads is at home in your relationship sector. This is very positive for those who are in a committed partnership and for those who are not, you may want to put yourself out there in April if it feels right for you. Get your online dating profile dusted off and take a new selfie! Venus will be there to support your relationships efforts.


April 12 -14 is a time to be conservative regarding your career and hold off on any important decisions regarding career, if possible. Also, not a time to get into a power struggle with anyone at work. Once Sun moves firmly into Aries on April 14 through mid-May, you will be able to excel in your work and you will be able to overcome just about any obstacle and any competitor!


Make special note on your calendar for April 25 when your career planet Sun connects with Uranus. If you are working for someone else, this is definitely not the day to get into any kind of altercation with your manager or someone in the upper echelon of the company.

April 7 Full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

It's time to decide what needs to fall away relative to your broader social networks. Is there something that may be taking your time and energy away from other more important life experiences? If so, tap into the full Moon energy and set your intentions!

This may also signal a time when you have to let part of your financial objectives or goals go so that new and improved plans can be put into place.

April 22 New Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra

This is a powerful new Moon occurring in your health and healing, and work and service zone. Ashwini is one of the best nakshatras for healing and wellness - harness this Ashwini Moon energy and set intentions for getting your immunity as strong as possible!

You may also want to think about your daily routine which includes your time at work and decide what you want to add into your healing practices. Maybe it's adding a 5-minute meditation practice at lunch time, or if you work at a computer all day it could be about committing to get up every hour and do 10 jumping jacks or lunges. New Moons are about new beginnings and now is the perfect time to set your intentions.

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Saturn shifted signs last month and will be in his own sign Capricorn for almost three years. You can read your Saturn in Capricorn through January 2023 forecast here.

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