Scorpio Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: January 2020

Your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope by Pamela McDonough

Lucky you Scorpio! Your ruler Mars is visiting your home base sign Scorpio all month! This visit from Mars in Scorpio only occurs about once every two years, so be sure to take advantage of this special trip of Mars in your first house.


There is no better time than now to begin a new yoga or exercise routine, especially now since Mars is THE planet of personal energy. When Mars is in its own sign, it is super strong and supportive for everything it represents. Surprisingly Mars has no influence from other planets for the entire month! This is pure fiery Mars energy in Scorpio. Courage, action, logic – all of these qualities are emphasized in January, so a great time to get moving on any new year resolution associated with health and physical fitness!


Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020

The first eclipse of the year and this one occurs in the area of your chart associated with transformation. Since you are no stranger to this concept Scorpio (nobody does transformation better than Scorpio!) this should be a walk in the park for you. That said, it is always best to wait until a day or two after the eclipse has passed to make any big changes. And you may be itching for some changes with Mars strong in Scorpio.

Patience is not Mars strong suit, so hang in there – your time will come! There may also be some endings around the time of the eclipse that is connected with your partners assets, or possibly some surprises from an inheritance, insurance settlement, spousal support or taxes owed for year 2018 or 2019 may surface. Whatever the case, if it is practical you may want to consider delaying big decisions or negotiations around these matters until a day or two after the eclipse.


Saturn changes signs!

More great news! Saturn is moving into its own sign, Capricorn on January 23, 2020. Saturn hasn’t visited its own sign of Capricorn since 1990! Saturn will be cruising through your third house of your birth chart for almost three years. This position will fully support hard work and efforts related to writing, communication, marketing, relationships with younger siblings and if you are into arts and crafts – bingo! Your creative works will be detailed (Saturn) and all third house matters as I just mentioned will require a lot of effort since this house improves with hard work, as does the results of Saturn in sign. Expect slow but steady progress.


New Moon January 24, 2020

The new Moon also happens to fall in your third house, with Saturn having just moved into Capricorn and the third house the day before. Anything you want to set your intentions for this first new Moon of 2020 related to writing, communication, relationship with siblings or gathering courage for any of these matters, this is the only new Moon of the year in this area of your chart! Take full advantage of this beautiful Moon in Sharavana nakshatra and set your intentions.

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