Gemini Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: January 2020 

Your Monthly Horoscope by Pamela McDonough

What's New with Mercury?

Your all-important ruler Mercury runs the gauntlet the first half of January. Mercury has a meeting first with the advisor Jupiter, the following day with detached Ketu, just before a very key reunion with the King of the planets, Sun.


Flexible Mercury is quickly off to meet and greet serious and hardworking Saturn, and last but not least, obsessive Pluto! To sum it all up, since Mercury is the most easily influenced of all planets, you will feel these planetary encounters on an energetic level! Especially if you are in the main or sub periods of Venus or Sun (Vimshottari Dasha). Fortunately Mercury is moving fast and the most difficult days which are January 9-11, will go by quickly.


Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020

Right before Mercury meets Saturn, there will be a (full Moon) Lunar eclipse! Mercury is quite close to the Sun at the time of the eclipse, AND the full Moon eclipse is occurring in your sign of Gemini! This combination is a double whammy. So, whatever you do a few days prior and after the eclipse, be conservative. As I always say, no bungee jumping or bull fighting on those days.


Nothing to freak out about, just pay attention and do not take any risks with your physical person at that time! This eclipse is personal since it is occurring in your first house. Pay close attention to anything that comes up around the eclipse timing and avoid life altering decisions at this time, particularly around relationship status. Especially for those whose rising sign is between 22-29 degrees of Gemini.

If you are not familiar with eclipses, you may want to read this article - Eclipse Season: Top Six Things You Need to Know!


Saturn Changes Signs!

Now for the GREAT news! For the first time since early 2017, Saturn is finally moving out of the house of relationships on January 23, 2020 ! And to make things better, Saturn is moving into his own sign where he is very comfortable for the next 2+ years. The relationship lessons that Saturn shared the past year will come to a close. You may want to write some notes in your journal about what you learned so that the next time Saturn visits your relationship sector (2046) you will not need to re-learn those same lessons! Saturn is going to be cruising through Capricorn and your eighth house of the occult knowledge, inheritances, your partners assets, longevity and transformation. Since this is his own sign, these activities will be supported during this transit through the end of 2022.


New Moon January 24, 2020

The icing on the cake is that the new Moon in Shravana nakshatra in the sign of Capricorn is just one day after Saturn goes into Capricorn. Set your intentions. Saturn will be there in support of the new Moon energies, bolstering his own sign. Your ruler Mercury will also be in Capricorn during the new Moon and emphasizes the importance of the new Moon.  My Gemini astrologer, tarot, crystal loving friends, this is a major bonus since it is occurring in the eighth house! This is the only new Moon in this sign and house for the year so make good use of it.


Unconventional Uranus is influencing the new Moon too, so don’t be surprised if there is some news surrounding occult knowledge, inheritances, your partners assets, longevity or possibly an outstanding insurance settlement.

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