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Please note Vedic (sidereal) Sun Sign dates are not the same as in Western astrology. It is best to read for your Vedic rising sign if you know it. If you do not know it you can calculate your free Vedic chart here. Please keep in mind your individual chart and current planetary period and sub periods will modify your experience.

April 27 Full Moon Forecast

Moon forecasts will be moved to Patreon some time in May! Please email me at if you would like to be notified when this new option will be available! Anyone who has donated to me for my forecasts during 2021, will be given a complimentary 6 months once things are up and running. There will be a lot more besides new and full Moon forecasts on my Patreon page. Stay tuned! Thank you in advance for your continued support - your contributions will allow me to continue to take time from my schedule to write these detailed forecasts for you.

April 11 New Moon in Revati Nakshatra

This new Moon will be great for putting plans into place for increasing your income from your work and through your social and business networks. I am suggesting that you wait until Moon begins to wax and has shifted into Aries and Ashwini nakshatra Monday morning before putting any new ideas, events or otherwise out there to manifest the new Moon energy.

Your chart ruler Mercury is heading into fiery Aries shortly after the new Moon on April 16. This is an interesting shift for Mercury since Mars (ruler of Aries) goes into the sign of Mars April 16 and stays through April 30. This combination of Mars and Mercury creates and exchange of energies which can result in a lot talking (Gemini's love to talk and since Mercury rules communication - you get my drift!). Be extra careful of your communications with others during these two weeks when writing or speaking  - Mars likes to go fast and be in charge! This influence will be great for socializing in large groups, though, so utilize this fiery energy to make inroads in your personal and business social networks.


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Please note: This is a sidereal forecast based upon the system of Vedic astrology. If you do not know your rising sign, you can order a birth chart and your planetary cycle information here.

Or you can calculate your Vedic birth chart on this page

"As someone who began their astrological journey in Western astrology and then transitioned into Vedic astrology, I share many key differences in the two systems so that anyone familiar with Western astrology but is also interested in learning about Jyotish can easily and quickly begin their journey with this book and establish a strong foundation for future learning." - Pamela