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May 19 Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes

Please be sure to read for your rising and Moon signs. If you know your Sun sign, you can read for that as well. My forecasts are based upon the sidereal zodiac. Consider that your individual chart, planetary placements and current planetary cycles are going to have a significant impact on your life experience.

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May 18 Full Moon in Scorpio Forecast - the forecast and energies for this forecast will be strongest May 18, after 7am PDT:

Aries: This full Moon lights up the watery depths of Scorpio in your mysterious eighth house of transformation, partners financial resources and the metaphysical. This full moon is great for endings! Any personal transformation you have been through that is connected to these matters, may be time to come to a close. Time to get into a groove and settle in. Which is not so easy for you, Aries! Set your intentions and stick to them!

Taurus: Your relationship sector will feel the highly charged energy for this Full Moon phase! This area of your life will be very emphasized, especially so starting May 18 after 7am PDT until the Moon departs Scorpio mid day on May 20. Decide which qualities within relationship (whether you currently have a partner or not!) you want to eliminate and those that you would like to encourage going forward. Anuradha supports a deepening of friendships within relationship, whether it is business or personal.

Gemini: It is time to think about your work, your personal habits and daily routines! During this brilliant Moon phase, you are being fully supported to put an end to things that are no longer serving your highest good, either in your personal or professional life! Be sure to set clear intentions. You may be called to assess your day to day routines at work and implement some kind of transformation. Whatever the case, take the full Moon day and be sure to really connect with friends and co-workers that you feel are significant, and establish a new foundation for your relationships.

Cancer: This is one of your two key days of the month! Since you are ruled by the Moon, the new and Full Moon phases are so important for you! And since the full Moon is in another water sign, you will feel this one doubly-so! Anything that arises for you regarding romance, children, fun and games and your creativity is up for consideration now. Now is also a fantastic time to explore any metaphysical subjects that that you are interested in; maybe tarot, crystals or reiki is calling your name? Set your intentions now to transform these areas of your life and start anew!

Leo: Your personal happiness is up for review during this intense full Moon! Time to take stock and decide what really, truly, deeply makes you happy! And if it does not - set your intentions during this full Moon period to put a stop to it once and for all! And then contemplate what does make you happy and get the party started. Especially when it comes to connecting with friends since Anuradha nakshatra is factoring so strongly.

Virgo: If you have anything you wish to address with regard to siblings, this full Moon could not be more supportive! Maybe you would like to mend a relationship with a sibling or settle a dispute with a dear friend. Or possibly you want to transform your relationship with a sibling or friend, or both! Whatever the case, this is the one full Moon this year that is highlighting this area of life for you. Set your intentions!

Libra: Your work has the potential to be super emotionally charged during this full Moon in Scorpio! Maybe you can take the day off or at least part of it to contemplate your work and the connection you have to your financial well-being. What do you really need in the way of long term assets and how much do you want to work/stress over this issue on a regular basis? Once you have had a chance to take a close look, set your intentions to transform this key area of your life.


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Scorpio: This is YOUR full Moon, dear Scorpio! The once-a-year chance to harness the energy of the brilliant Moon in your rising sign. Whatever transformation you want to put into place, whether personal, spiritual or as it relates to your love of the metaphysical, now is the time to set your intentions! You may want to make some physical transformation, like getting a new hair style, or wearing a totally new look. Anuradha nakshatra is super supportive of laying foundations in life. Tap into your ultimate new Moon this month!

Sagittarius: Pay close attention to your dreams the next few days. Your subconscious mind is being lit with the effusive light of this Scorpio full Moon! Anything that comes up for you in your dreams now, especially connected to friendships or siblings could be quite significant. If you have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep, you may want to consider a short meditation before bedtime to get into the right headspace for sleep. This is also an excellent time to begin a mediation program or re-vamp your mindfulness practice.

Capricorn: Practical Capricorn, this full Moon is right up your alley! It's time to take a look at your finances and your earning from your work. Are you earning up to your potential? Is it time to ask for a raise or increase your rates if you are self-employed? If so, contemplate this deeply (it is Scorpio!). If you are in a relationship you may wish to consider your partners income during this full Moon and have a conversation if necessary. If you are not in a partnership it is time to contemplate a future partner and what resources they would need to bring to the table in the relationship. Especially so if things have been out of balance in the past.

Aquarius: This full Moon is a powerful one in your sector of career, name and fame! The 10th house is the most influential house of the zodiac as it is directly overhead. Are you thinking about changing careers or possibly looking for a new role within your organization? If so, this is the one full Moon this year that you will have tremendous support for this area of your life. Contemplate the transformation you would like to see in the next year. Particularly connected to your business relationships and friendships that you have created through your business. If you would like to make changes, this is the chance to set your intentions and transform your future!

Pisces: It might be time to forge a new path in your spiritual or metaphysical pursuits. Have you considered teaching a new subject in these areas or possibly looking for a new course of study from which to deepen your connection to the divine? If so, this is the most supportive and brilliant new Moon of the year for you to do so! Harness the transformative energy of the full Moon in Scorpio to toss out the old and bring in the new. Be aware of the desire to throw out the "baby with the bathwater" though! Your previous skills and experience will come into play with your journey ahead.


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Happy full Moon day!


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