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Saturn Changes Nakshatras: Major Shifts Through 2022

Saturn entered Dhanistha nakshatra February 17 at 11:51am PT!

Now through March 14, 2023, Saturn will be in the nakshatra of Dhanishta. People with planets or rising sign in Dhanishta nakshatra* which is 23°20' Capricorn to 6°40' Aquarius* will have Saturn transiting over them and strongly influencing. This is a time for important lessons of Saturn! Read the "Key Meanings of Saturn" below!

Saturn changing nakshatras is significant for a few reasons:

1. Saturn can spend over one year in a nakshatra by transit, thereby emphasizing the influence of Dhanishta nakshatra energies for all.

2. Anyone who has been in the main planetary period (Vimshottari Dasha) or sub periods of Moon or Saturn over the past year will have felt the presence of Saturn very intensely in their life experience. With the shift of Saturn into Dhanishta this influence will likely diminish - the individual chart has to be consulted since many other factors are typically at work!

3. Saturn transiting the third, sixth, tenth or eleventh house_ from the rising sign is considered very positive. For the current position of Saturn in sidereal Capricorn this includes rising signs of Scorpio, Leo, Aries and Pisces. (Transit = where Saturn is now vs. where it is in your birth chart)

4. If you were born with Moon in Capricorn, this may have been a difficult time emotionally during the past 18 or so months. Especially if you have been in the main or sub cycle of Moon. The shift of Saturn into Dhanistha will be helpful for those with Moon in Shravana nakshatra. Those with Moon in Dhanistha and who are in the main or sub periods of Mars may feel Saturn influencing your Moon the next few months more intensely.

Primary Meanings of Saturn You can skip this section and scroll down to the the next section if you are already familiar with Saturn and the lessons Saturn shows within the birth chart. If not, please do read this next part carefully!

SATURN (SHANI) - The Servant

Element: Air

Meanings: Work, duty, responsibility, structure, slow progress, organization and details. Shadow: Delay, frustration, anxiety, obstacles and limits. Saturn is also the karaka or indicator of longevity and karma. Wherever Saturn is placed in the birth chart and bu transit is where we have considerable karma, or effort required.

Deity: The Eight Vasus

Symbol: The Musical Drum or Fllute Shakti: The Power to Bring People Together Quality: Moveable VD Planetary Period Lord: Mars

Dhanishta nakshatra is frequently associated with those in performance arts, music and entertainment industries.

Whitney Houston's chart ruler Saturn, Ted Turner's Jupiter and Brad Pitt's Saturn are all placed within Dhanishta. Three huge names in the entertainment industries, to name a few.

An excerpt from my book Vedic Astrology for Beginners - read more about this nakshatra and all the other key basics.

The musical drum is the symbolic representation of this nakshatra. Imagine the sound of Shiva’s drum as he dances through the forests and mountains, creating and destroying, being similar to the melodic highs and lows present within a symphony. This nakshatra has mystical qualities associated with it, and the drumbeat could be the drum of shamanic ritual or the internal beat of the drum associated with reaching greater spiritual heights.

Dhanishta Nakshatra Supports: * Travel and moveable activities such as sales * Music and dance (especially drumming!) * Clothing and Jewellery Designing * Financial Negotiations, Purchases * Religious Rituals and Ceremonies * Meditation and Yoga

Both symbols for this nakshatra, the drum and the flute, are hollow. These are guides to remind us to remain hollow inside, and to be prepared to fill up with positive universal energy.

March 29 - Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus will be together in Capricorn and is notable for anyone who is in the main or sub planetary periods of Moon, Mars or Saturn.

March 29 - April 6 - Exalted and very strong Mars will join Saturn in Dhanishta nakshatra in Capricorn. This could be a very intense time. More on this combo in March.


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