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🌟 October Vedic Astrology Forecast 🔮

October ushers in the final eclipse season for 2022, along with Mercury and Saturn stationing direct, and Mars stationing retrograde.

This month is planetary action packed!

Read on for all of the details.


Eclipse season is here! Watch for the Solar Eclipse e-newsletter to arrive around October 23.

Mercury stations direct just after midnight tonight. Yay! The next Mercury retrograde isn't until the end of December.

▪ Saturn finally stations direct October 22. Jupiter remains retrograde through November 23 and Mars stations retrograde at the end of October. Whee!See the next section for key astrological transits and dates for October.


Below are the key astrological events for the month. These planetary combinations have the potential to influence all rising signs but when a chart ruler is involved, it can also be of significance. If you do not know your rising sign you can get it on my site for free here.

Moon Phases First Quarter Moon: October 2 (Sunday) Full Moon: October 9 (Sunday) Last Quarter Moon: October 17 (Monday) New Moon: October 25 (Tuesday) Watch for new and full Moon newsletters to hit your inbox about one day before.

Planetary Movements and Aspects 10/1 Venus Oppose Jupiter 08°Vi51' D 08°Pi51' R 10/2 Mercury Stations Direct 10/6 Mercury Trine Pluto 01°Vi56' D 01°Cp56' R 10/11 Sun Trine Saturn 24°Vi31' D 24°Cp31' R 10/11 Mars Square Neptune 29°Ta11' D 29°Aq11' R 10/12 Mercury Oppose Jupiter 07°Vi30' D 07°Pi30' R 10/13 Venus Trine Saturn 24°Vi29' D 24°Cp29' R 10/17 Sun Trine Mars 00°Li20' D 00°Ge20' D 10/18 Venus Trine Mars 00°Li31' D 00°Ge31' D 10/18 Sun Square Pluto 01°Li58' D 01°Cp58' D 10/19 Venus Square Pluto 01°Li58' D 01°Cp58' D 10/22 Sun Combust Venus 05°Li16' D 05°Li16' D 10/22 Saturn Stations Direct 10/22 Mercury Trine Saturn 24°Vi25' D 24°Cp25' R 10/25 Solar Eclipse 10/26 Mercury Trine Mars 01°Li21' D 01°Ge21' D 10/27 Mercury Square Pluto 02°Li01' D 02°Cp01' D 10/30 Mars Stations Retrograde (through January 12, 2023)

Please keep in mind these calculations are based upon the Sidereal zodiac.

* Jupiter in Pisces and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra now through the end of 2022. (All risings signs, but especially Pisces and Sagittarius rising) Jupiter is retrograde now through November 23.

* Saturn is currently retrograde in Capricorn and Dhanishtha nakshatra through October 22 (All rising signs, but particularly significant for Capricorn and Aquarius rising signs)


Planet Gazing in October - Stellar!

▪ In October, Saturn rises before sunset and is perfect for observing all evening.

Jupiter is extremely bright this month! Jupiter is rising near sunset and is visible most of the night through late October.

Mars will rise before midnight at the start of the month. On October 13 and 14 look for the Moon - Mars conjunction. By the end of October, Mars will be shining bright red as it prepares to station retrograde. Mars will be closest to the Earth on November 30, at a distance of 50.6 million miles (81.4 million km).

Mercury is most visible from October 3 to October 17 in the morning. On October 4 look east about 45 minutes before sunrise. By October 23 Mercury fades into the sunrise, literally.

▪ Look for Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon on October 5 and 6, they will be low in the sky after sunset to the south.▪October 7 and 8 will bring Jupiter and the Moon together in the southeast.

Venus remains the morning star and visible in the east before sunrise until early October. After that time it will be too close to the Sun to be visible.The superior conjunction of Venus occurs on October 22.

Thank you for spending part of your day with me, and wishing you smooth transits for October! Pamela


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