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You're Invited: The November Planetary Sh*t Show!

Are You Ready?

Whether you follow western or Vedic astrology, it is likely that you will be seeing many intense astrological forecasts for November and December! Through my lens of Vedic astrology, I want to add important and nuanced layers to the difficult planetary configurations that are ahead of us in the next six weeks. Especially due to the influence of planets in and to specific nakshatras.

Please keep in mind I use sidereal zodiac calculations, not tropical.

!Trigger Alert!

If you are prone to anxiety you may want to skip the rest of this article. Professional astrologers understand that it takes a multitude of confluence in combination with the individual chart for a dramatically difficult life experience to occur. Without correct understanding you may draw conclusions that are not accurate.

For those who want to continue reading this blog post, I will do my best to share with non-astrologers (and astrologers) which areas of your life may potentially be influenced during the upcoming challenging planetary configurations.

Key Astrological Influences and the Nakshatras

Most of the planetary action is taking place within the zodiac signs of Libra, Aries and Capricorn. Whichever houses these three signs represent in your birth chart will be the ones to absorb the majority of these planetary influences. Saturn and the Moon are at the center of a t-square with Uranus while the other end holds the planetary war of Mars and Mercury.

I have listed all of the the major planetary influences in the next section for those who want all the details, but I want to focus on the primary event for this blog post. Dates listed are for the Pacific Time Zone. If you just want to see how the planetary energies may influence your life and skip the astro-babble, head to this section.

  • 11/9-11 Mercury and Mars in planetary war square Saturn and the Moon, opposite Uranus.

The nakshatras involved in this difficult combination are:

  • Swati

  • Shravana

  • Bharani

If you are in a planetary period or any sub-period of Saturn, Rahu, Moon or Venus, you may feel this challenging influence more strongly than others.

Swati and Shravana Nakshatras

Swati is the most afflicted of the three nakshatras and secondarily, Shravana. Swati is a moveable nakshatra that is presided over by Vayu, the God of Wind. This is a great nakshatra for marketing and sending your message out to be scattered across the globe.

The November 4-5 new Moon occurs in Swati nakshatra and you can read all about this powerful new Moon here.

Swati also represents travel and moveable things like trains, planes and automobiles. Also anything that is mobile or that can be carried by or swayed by the wind, including the mind. Breathing and breath work is also associated with this nakshatra, along with matter and other microorganisms suspended in and spread through the air.

Since Swati nakshatra is afflicted there may be travel disruptions, news about travel restrictions or surprising changes in the travel category in general across the globe.

Shravana nakshatra is also afflicted while Mars and Uranus are tangled up with Saturn in Shravana. Shravana is symbolized by the ear and is associated with hearing, learning, teaching and anything to do with auditory functions. This is a particularly important time to pay extra close attention to how we listen and communicate - especially with Mercury the messenger in a planetary war with volatile Mars at the same time.

More On the Planetary Sh*t Show

The key issue is the conjunction (planetary war) of fiery warrior Mars combined with communicative Mercury, along with Saturn and Uranus piling onto this already tense configuration of Mars and Mercury. The energies of Mars, Saturn and Uranus are all very disharmonious, and the square/opposition patterns just enhance these tenuous relationships. Easily influenced Moon and Mercury are caught in the crossfire.

Saturn wants to go slow and stay within the bounds, Mars wants to light a fire under us and Uranus wants freedom at any cost. Moon and Mercury just happen to get caught in the middle of all of them.

Be extra mindful of your communication methods (Mercury) during this time period! It has the potential to be somewhat explosive, especially for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Leo rising signs.

Those ruled by Mercury - Gemini and Virgo are also particularly sensitive and weakened at this time due to the planetary war with Mars. Aries and Scorpio, the zodiac signs ruled by Mars are also going to be feeling the effects of erratic and eccentric Uranus (particularly Aries) and the polarity of slow-your-roll-conservative-Saturn.

Saturn ruled people - Capricorn and Aquarius are also sensitive to this transit. Since Moon is also caught up in the fray, Cancer rising folks will be feeling this too.

There really isn't a single rising sign that gets left out of this planetary sh*t show! So do not feel singled out.

Finally, anyone with their ascendant degree (calculate your Vedic chart free on my site here) chart ruler, Sun or Moon between 12-15 degrees of any sign will get an extra bump from these titans of the planetary sphere.

Now for the good news!

These influences do not last that long! It is such a unique combination of planets I really wanted to give everyone a heads up. Having said that, this is not the time to take risks, get into an altercation with anyone, go base jumping, or basically take any major risks with your physical or mental well being.

Planetary Influences by Rising Sign

Aries: Perpective and physical body, relationships (business and personal), career

Taurus: Daily routines, father/teachers

Gemini: Children and creativity, transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity

Cancer: Partnerships (business and personal), home and mother

Leo: Short distance travels, health and wellness

Virgo: Family, savings, speech, children, creativity,

Libra: Self, perspective, personal appearance

Scorpio: Subconscious, meditation, sleep, feet, short distance travels

Sagittarius: Earnings from work, social and career networking, assets and savings

Capricorn: Self and physical body, career and public reputation

Aquarius: Spirituality, philosophy, dharma, foreign travels, father, subconscious, meditation, sleep, feet

Pisces: Transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity, earnings from work, social and career networking,

If you want to find out the details of how these major planetary influences will interact with your birth chart, schedule a consultation with Pamela.

Important Dates For Your Planner

Here's the full rundown on dates and planetary influences for your planner - there are many so be patient (and this is why this article is called what it is!). Dates listed below are Pacific Time Zone.

If you know your chart ruler then key in on dates that include influences to or from your chart ruler.

  • 11/4-5 new Moon oppose Uranus, square Saturn

  • 11/9-11 Mercury and Mars in a planetary war (conjunction within 1 degree)

  • 11/10 Mercury and Mars Square Saturn

  • 11/9-11 Mercury and Mars in planetary war square Saturn and the Moon

  • 11/12 Sun trine Neptune

  • 11/13 Mercury oppose Uranus

  • 11/15 Sun square Jupiter

  • 11/17 Mars oppose Uranus

  • 11/18 Mercury trine Neptune

  • 11/19 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (this will be explained in detail in my regular monthly full Moon newsletter going out mid-month. Sign up for it here)

  • 11/20 Jupiter enters sidereal Aquarius until 4/14/2022

  • 11/20 Mercury square Jupiter

  • 11/26 Mercury conjunct Ketu

  • 11/26-12/2 Mercury combust Sun (cazimi)

  • 11/29 Mars trine Neptune

  • 12/4 New Moon Solar Eclipse (this will be explained in detail in my regular monthly new Moon newsletter going out mid-month. Sign up for it here)

  • 12/11-12 Venus in planetary war with Pluto

  • 12/9-10 Mercury in Gandanta

  • 12/13-14 Mars conjunct Ketu

  • 12/15-16 Sun in Gandanta

  • 12/19 Venus stations retrograde (through 1/28/22

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