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May 18 Scorpio Full Moon: Everything You Need to Know

Full Moon in the deepest, darkest waters of Scorpio this month!

Scorpio rising friends, this is your special month! Take full advantage of this one Full Moon in Scorpio for 2019. Moon is considered in deep debilitation at 3 degrees of Scorpio. This may be an intense and emotional full Moon for many!

Before I get into the weeds with my Full Moon forecast for today and Saturday, I want to share some exciting news!

I am offering a Moon Ritual webinar June 3. You will learn powerful rituals and how to tap into the power of the lunar phases and how to use the new Lunar Phase crystal grid I created to support new and full moon rituals.

Date: Monday, June 3, 2019

Via Webinar: (you do not need to be present - there will be a recorded video emailed to everyone regardless of whether you attend the live course or not).

Time: 9:00am - 11:00am PDT

Cost: $20 If you have purchased a Lunar phase crystal grid or a crystal kit from me you can attend the webinar for free.

Now back to my full Moon in Scorpio forecast!

If you have planets in any of the water signs, particularly around the 2-7 degree range of Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer -- OR if your rising is an air sign sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), this will be a super charged full Moon for you!

For all other rising signs, the house that Scorpio represents in your birth chart does connect to a very specific area of your life. Be sure to read your horoscope for the full Moon by rising sign here!

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy to this full Moon associated with transformation. Scorpio is the sign most connected to transformation, longevity, our partners income, mysticism and scandals. Intuition will be extremely high during the 24 hour period the Moon is at its brightest (see below for times).

There are no major aspects to the new Moon from other planets. YAY!!!

Full Moon in Anuradha Nakshatra

Anuaradha : The Star of Success Star: Alpha Centauri Symbol: Lotus Flower (or archway) Deity: Mitra Energy: The shakti/power to connect to the Divine

The lunar mansion of Anuardha imparts a tender energy to this full Moon phase.

Anuradha nakshatra energy supports:

▪ Study metaphysics. * Spending time with friends. ▪ Taking care of finances. ▪ Anything related to foreign lands including travel. ▪ Connecting with good friends. ▪ Healing Remedies. * Self expression.

Mitra, the presiding deity of Anuradha is most often connected to friendship. The symbol of the lotus, shows the capacity to blossoming in life. Therefore endings (full Moon) and new beginnings (Anuradha are supported).

Politics and drama (think Hollywood!) may be more entwined and vocal than usual for the 24 hours of the Full Moon phase.

Full Moon Intention

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.~ Rumi”

Full Moon Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Full Moon Ritual Timing

The most brilliant phase of the Moon occurs just past three degrees of sidereal Scorpio, the deepest debilitation point for the Moon.

Full Moon Phase begins: 5/17 @ 3:40pm PDT. Full Moon Phase ends: 5/18 @2:10pm PDT.

Be sure to set your intentions during these times.

Happy Full Moon day!


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