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June 3 New Moon Horoscopes

Please read for your rising and Moon signs. If you know your Sun sign, you can read for that too.. My forecasts are based upon the sidereal zodiac. Consider that your individual chart, planetary placements and current planetary cycles are going to have a significant impact on your life experience but these forecasts give tremendous guidance for the new Moon energy, regardless.

Be sure to read the very important first part of this Full Moon article that gives the exact timing for Moon rituals, nakshatra energy, which activities the Full Moon in Scorpio is supportive for and other important details about this Full Moon in Scorpio!

Aries: Money, money, money. -- money! Finances is going to be top of mind for you during this new Moon phase. This is your one shot this year to harness this powerful new Moon in your house associated with savings, other assets and the food that you eat to nourish your body. This could not be a better time for a cosmetic make-over (especially since Rohini is involved in this new Moon!). Contemplate your objectives, and put together your to-do-list (Aries LOVES lists!) on the new moon day. Then, set your intentions as soon as the Moon shifts from the darkest phase (all times for this are outlined in part one of this article here).

Taurus: June 3 is the one and only new Moon in your sign Taurus this year! Be sure to connect to your personal wishes and desires and prepare your intentions to but put into place on the first day of the waxing Moon. This new Moon is so personal for you and this time is signal for you to think only about your needs! Which is not easy for any sign ruled by other-focused Venus! If you have been wanting to change your hair or fashion style, this will be a fantastic time to do so. Any and all personal shifts, whether internal or external are supported at this time!

Gemini: This new Moon is super supportive for meditation, mindfulness, solitude and for paying very close attention to messages from your dream state! The night before, the night of and the night after may be filled with important and powerful insights into what it is that your subconscious mind is telling you that needs to be addressed for this new Moon, new beginnings phase! Be sure to check the times for the new Moon rituals in the first part of this article.

Cancer: Your chart ruler Moon in the 1th house is asking you to connect with your friends and within organizations and groups of people. To broaden your connections and casual acquaintances that could blossom into deeper friendships in time. Or if you are currently single, this Rohini Moon is the perfect new Moon to join a new dating site or social group. And if you are self-employed and have been considering a higher rate for your services or products, this is also a very supportive time to do so. Be sure to check the date and times from part one of this article for the best times to initiate important changes such as this!

Leo: The most powerful house of your horoscope is being illuminated just this once in 2019 on June 3! Your career, your public persona, what you are known for is being called into action for new beginnings, and key foundations that can be prepared during this new Moon. If you have been hoping for a shift in this important area of life, then take your first steps once the Moon has started to wax (see date and times part one of this article).

Virgo: Dreaming of a vacation in a land far away? If so, get your calendar out and set your plans for your relaxing and luxurious vacation, yoga retreat, or whatever you can envision! If you do not quite have the necessary funds to support a a vacation abroad, harness this incredible new Moon energy in Rohini and with the support of Jupiter in the mix - set your intentions and conduct your new Moon ritual to support the manifestation of this journey, just as soon as the Moon begins to wax (see part one of this article for times!).


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When will I find love?


Libra: Thinking about estate planning or 2020 personal income tax forecasting (sorry I had to bring that three lettered word up!)? Take full advantage of this new Moon phase in Taurus as it is particularly supportive of financial planning for you. It is also great energy for any kind of transformation that you might personally be contemplating. Whether it is a change of hairstyle or your fashion perspective you can be sure that this new Moon will be there to help you break through the shell to the new you! Set your intentions on the new Moon day and then take action just as the Moon begins to wax (see part one of this article for all the time and details!).

Scorpio: Love and romance is definitely in the air for you dear Scorpio during this new Moon! This is your once in a year chance to get your list together and send your hopes, dreams and wishes out into the Universe! Whether you are currently in a relationship and want to make some changes, OR if you are in the midst of dating and looking for a life partner, do not miss this key relationship new Moon in June. Set your intentions on the new Moon and then as soon as the Moon shifts (see part one of the article for timing) put your plans into place. That could be as simple as changing your online dating profile, or joining a new dating site or group. If you are currently in a partnership it will be an excellent time to lay the new foundation for the next six months.

Sagittarius: All work and no play does make Sagittarians a dull girl/boy! Time to think about how much time you are spending at work and on chores at home. Maybe the opposite is happening and you are not putting in enough effort regarding daily responsibilities or at work? Whichever the case, this is your once a year chance to set your schedule straight and commit to a balanced work/life scenario. Which may be slightly difficult since you have hard working Saturn transiting through your first house through late January 2020! Set your intentions without delay!

Capricorn: Girls (and guys!) just want to have fun! Romance, fun, sporting events, creativity and children all come into play (pun intended!) during this new Moon. Be sure to carve out enough time for play, creativity, or if it feels like you haven't been spending enough time with your children lately, then utilize this powerful new Moon to contemplate these areas of life. Then once the Moon shifts to waxing (see part one for this forecast for intention times!) put your plans into place for a fun and creativity filled summer!

Aquarius: If you have been dreaming of a new home or thinking about expanding your current residence, this new Moon is your one chance for 2019 to get clear on your intentions for the next six months and take the leap! Or maybe its just time to clear that clutter! Especially in the SE corner of your home, since Venus is responsible that direction. Peace of mind is also associated with that direction for you so be sure to set your intentions on the new Moon day and then get going on your de-cluttering as soon as the Moon shifts to waxing (see part one of this article for exact timing).

Pisces: This is the new Moon of the year for anything connected to creative writing, marketing, The super creative energy of the new Moon in Rohini nakshatra will lend support to your intentions and will lay a strong foundation for your creative works! Courage will also be in great supply since this new Moon is also occurring in your third house! You will be rewarded for your efforts over the next sixth months. Be sure to set your intentions and begin something new once the Moon has began to wax.


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