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June 10 Total Solar Eclipse Energy Forecast

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) 101 for June 10

This eclipse occurs in the sidereal sign of Taurus while at the same time Venus and Mercury are exchanging signs. Venus is in Gemini which is Mercury's sign, and Mercury in Taurus which is Venus's sign.

If you do not have your Vedic birth chart, you can calculate it for free on my website here.

This planetary exchange (parivartana yoga) creates a link from the solar eclipse in Taurus to Gemini. And since Mercury is retrograde and combust the Sun at the time of the eclipse, this condition erodes the strength of Mercury and Venus, plus Gemini and Taurus related indications.

This planetary combination at the time of the eclipse particularly has the capacity to impact all rising signs ruled by the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. These are Leo, Taurus and Libra and Gemini and Virgo rising. Also, the houses that these signs correlate to for all rising signs, so no rising sign is immune!

Consider closely matters related to the house that the new Moon falls in for you and the meanings associated with that house.

See which houses will be affected by the eclipse for each rising sign here.

New Moons are generally good for new beginnings; however, it is best to avoid important new beginnings on an eclipse. Anything related to spiritual practice is good.

Eclipse energies are a great time to do inner work. If you can hold off on major life changing decisions until a few days after the eclipse, that is ideal - but sometimes eclipses will force important decisions. I have personally experienced this during an eclipse more than once.

The Sun will be obscured during a solar eclipse - The Sun is the indicator of father in all birth charts and in the traditional context represents government leaders, and leaders in all organizations.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Mrigashira Nakshatra

Since Mrigashira is so closely associated with travel, significant travel related events and disruptions may occur a few days before and after this eclipse.

There may be new travel restrictions announced around the time of the eclipse and there may be air and land related accident events.

From my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners, available in stores and

MRIGASHIRA, “HEAD OF A DEER” Deity: Chandra (Moon) Symbol: Deer Head Shakti: The Power to Give Fulfillment or Joy Quality: Soft

Observe deer in the wild. They dart about from one place to the next, grazing with their young. Their nature appears gentle, yet fragile and shy. The deer as the symbol of Mrigashira shows the connection of this nakshatra to travel and movement on both physical and mental planes. As the wary and nomadic nature of the deer, Mrigashira can show a rest-less mind. Lord Shiva is often illustrated with a deer in his hand, which symbolizes the elimination of chanchala, or the unsteady nature of one’s mind. The Moon as the presiding deity of Mrigashira also emphasizes the ever-changing nature of the Moon, as each and every day it changes from waxing to waning and back again.

Read more about Mrigashira and the other nakshatras and more in my book Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Best Timing for Solar Eclipse Ritual

New Moon Phase begins: June 9, 1:28 am Pacific Time New Moon Phase peaks: June 10, 3:51 am Pacific Time

Times Below are Pacific Time for Seattle, WA * First location to see the partial eclipse begin Jun 10 at 1:12 am * Maximum Eclipse Jun 10 at 3:41 am * Last location to see the partial eclipse end Jun 10 at 6:11 am

Solar Eclipse Intention

“I am filled with the highest vibrations of love and light.”

Mark Your Calendar! Other Key Astrological Transits for June/July

If you made it this far into my forecast :) you are definitely going to want to read on about other very important astrological influences for the balance of June and early July!

June 10 - July 4 Saturn (retro) square Uranus June 26 - July 4: Mars Oppose Saturn June 26 - July 4: Mars Square Uranus

This combination of three planetary influences in this configuration creates what is called a T-square. These three planets are placing quite a bit of stress on the sidereal signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. If you know your rising sign you can click here to see which areas of life this T-square will be experienced. Planets in your birth chart in the 17-20 degree range of sidereal Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will be influenced by this T-square and can feel the stress of this push pull energy.

The reason why these planets create difficult combination is their difference in perspective. And they all have very different agendas and methods of going about their business!

Saturn is slow and steady, disciplined and process driven. Mars if protective, competitive and fiery yet very unhappy in Caner, the watery sign the sign of the mother. Uranus is electric, rebellious, unpredictable and revolutionary. And they are all in incompatible elements.

When the Moon transits critical points to this T-square, the energy and tension of this combination is amplified. These are important dates to mark on your calendar to remain calm and compassionate with yourself and others:

June 27: Moon joins Saturn July 4 : Moon joins Uranus - particularly volatile holiday in the US. If you are handling fireworks be VERY careful! July 11: Moon joins Mars June 20 Summer Solstice! Jupiter goes retrograde June 20: Moon in grand square with Saturn, Mars and Uranus

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