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February Vedic Astrology Forecast

The Main Event: Venus Enters Sidereal Pisces on February 15

This month, Venus moves into Pisces, a favorable transit for all rising signs. Although Taurus and Libra rising, in particular, will experience an extra boost. This is because these are Venus ruled signs and they have a uniquely strong connection with the energy of Venus.

Impact on Relationships ▪ Venus is the key indicator of relationships.

▪ While in watery and sensitive Pisces, Venus can support increased empathy, compassion, and help foster spiritual and mystical connections in relationships.

▪ Jupiter's presence in Pisces, known for its expansive and spiritual nature, amplifies these qualities.

Exalted Venus Watch-Out! ▪ Even exalted benefics can result in adverse outcomes!

▪ Strong while exalted Venus has a fondness for chocolate, sweets, luxury goods, and sometimes can foster unrealistic expectations in relationships.

* Venus in Pisces loves to lounge in luxury and dislikes the daily grind. Which is in part why Venus is not super comfortable (debilitated) in the zodiac sign Virgo, the natural sixth house that represents work, day-to-day responsibilities, and serving others.

Key Dates to Remember February 15 to March 11 - Make the most of this once-a-year awesome transit of Venus by marking these dates in your planner.

Don't miss out on my upcoming Venus in Pisces forecast by rising sign, set to be released during the full Moon. Stay tuned!


Here are the highlights of this month's astrological happenings.

If you do not know your rising sign you access it for free here.

Moon Phases Full Moon: February 5, 10:28am PT Last Quarter: February 13 New Moon: February 19, 11:05pm PT First Quarter: February 27

Expect to receive new and full moon newsletters one to two days before the event directly in your inbox.

PLANETARY ASPECTS Sign and Nakshatra Ingress (learn the nakshatra basics here)

I have assigned the planetary ruler of each nakshatra in the Vimshottari Dasha system to the far right of each nakshatra ingress in parentheses. Check if you are in the main or sub period of that planet, as these planetary nakshatra shifts can hold significant importance for your life experience.

Feb 7 Venus enters nakshatra Purvabhadrapada (Jupiter) Feb 12 Sun enters Aquarius Feb 14 Mercury enters Shravana nakshatra (Moon) Feb 15 Venus enters Pisces (through March 11) Feb 18 Venus enters Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra (Saturn) Feb 18 Neptune enters Pisces Feb 19 Sun enters Shatabhishak nakshatra (Rahu) Feb 23 Mercury enters Dhanishta nakshatra (Mars) Feb 24, Jupiter enters Revati nakshatra (Mercury) Feb 24 Mars enters Mrigasira nakshatra (Mars) Feb 27 Mercury enters Aquarius Feb 28 Venus enters Revati nakshatra, which is the exaltation nakshatra of Venus (Mercury)

Planetary Aspects (transits)

These planetary combinations have the ability to impact all rising signs, but if the chart ruler is involved, it can hold added significance.

Keep your birth chart nearby. If planets in your birth chart are involved in an aspect from the following list, this transit may have a more pronounced effect on you.

2/3 Sun Square Uranus 20°Cp49' D 20°Ar49' D 2/4 Venus Square Mars 17°Aq03' D 17°Ta03' D 2/10 Mercury Conjunct Pluto 04°Cp47' D 04°Cp47'D 2/15 Venus Conjunct Neptune 29°Aq53' D 29°Aq53'D 2/15-17 Sun Combust Saturn 03°Aq33' D 03°Aq33'D 2/16 Mercury Square Rahu 13°Cp32' D 13°Ar32' R 2/21 Mercury Square Uranus 21°Cp09' D 21°Ar09' D 2/22 Mercury Trine Mars 22°Cp34' D 22°Ta34' D 2/25 Sun Trine Ketu 13°Aq03' D 13°Li03' R 2/28-3/2 Venus and Jupiter in planetary war 17° - 19° Pisces


Venus and Jupiter: February's Brilliant Twosome!

February is the month to keep an eye on Venus and Jupiter. * These two planets are getting closer with each passing day in February and will finally conjoin on March 1st. * From February 28th to March 2nd, Venus and Jupiter will be in a planetary war (graha yuddha). * During this planetary war, both planets are weakened as they compete for the same piece of celestial sky.

Spot Venus and Jupiter in the sky * Look low in the southwest sky just after sunset to see Venus and Jupiter shining brightly. Their brightness makes them easily visible, dazzling in the early evening twilight. * Venus is the lower and brighter of the two planets. * By the end of the month, the two planets will be just one degree apart in the sky. Although they may appear close, the planets are actually over 400-million miles apart in space!


This month, those with an unobstructed view of the east-southeast horizon in the early morning may be able to catch a glimpse of Mercury rising just before dawn.

Since the Sun rises earlier each morning, spotting Mercury will become increasingly challenging due to its proximity to the Sun at sunrise.

The Trio of Titans: Warrior Mars, Kingly Betelgeuse and Wealth Giving Aldebaran

Spotting Mars in the Sky this February!

Mars has become less bright since its peak while retrograde in December. But you can still observe the red planet as it continues to shine in the early evening sky, easily distinguishable from other celestial bodies due to its unique reddish hue. During February, Mars will be brighter than any other star within a 20-degree radius.

Don't miss two other notable red stars nearby - Betelgeuse located on the shoulder of Orion the Hunter and Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus the Bull. At the start of the month, Mars will outshine both, but by the end of February its brightness will have faded slightly compared to the two red stars.

Catch a glimpse of Mars as it sets in the western horizon in the early hours of morning.

Saturn Overshadowed Saturn is not visible this month due to its proximity to the Sun. It will experience a close combustion with the Sun from February 15 to 17.

Thank you for spending some time with me today. Wishing you easy transits for February and the upcoming year.

This month, make sure to take a look at your Saturn in Aquarius horoscope to gain insights on this major astrological transit.

Saturn's move into a new zodiac sign, which occurs approximately every 30 months, affects all rising signs and brings fresh energy and opportunities. Access your Saturn in Aquarius horoscope on my blog by clicking this link.

Happy transits! Pamela

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