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February 5 Full ❄️ Snow ❄️ Moon in Ashlesha Nakshatra

February's full moon is going to be wild!

There's going to be a lot of energy and activity going on, thanks to some other planetary influences during the peak of the full moon phase. Check out all the details below.

Have a wonderful full Moon! Pamela

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February 5th Full Snow Moon: Essential Information You Should Know

1). The full moon on February 5, 2023 occurs at 10:28am Pacific Standard Time. In Seattle, look for the almost full Moon to rise in the east-northeast around 5:11pm (PST). The moon will be at its brightest after it has risen, which usually happens near sunset.

2). The Sun and full Moon form a tricky angle to unpredictable Uranus and Rahu while at it's peak!

▪This full moon engaged with Uranus could bring some surprises and a thirst for change and freedom.

▪There may also be a feeling of instability and restlessness the day before, during and after the full Moon.

▪Tension between keeping things stable and embracing change will be at its peak, and the balance between structure and freedom could be tested!

▪The bright side is that this energy can give the push needed to break free from limitations.

3). The full moon in the transformative Ashlesha Nakshatra may bring these influences to the forefront, particularly if you are currently experiencing a Mercury, Sun, or Moon Vimshottari dasha.

4). If you want to understand how the Full Snow Moon on February 5th may affect you personally, you can check your birth chart for your rising degree or for planets within a few degrees of 22 Capricorn, Aries or Cancer.

Read about Ashlesha nakshatra in the nakshatra section below.

Full Moon Forecast for Your Rising Sign

Rising Sign Forecast

Knowing your rising sign can give you insight into the areas of life that will be most affected by the full Moon energy, and the areas of life that will benefit most from full Moon endings.

FULL MOON ENERGY FORECAST FOR YOUR RISING SIGN Aries (4th house) - Mother, home, property, vehicles

Taurus (3rd house) - Siblings, close friends, neighbors, short journeys, courage

Gemini (2nd house) – Assets and Savings, family, speech

Cancer (1st house) - Identity, self-expression, physical body

Leo (12th house) - Spirituality, isolation, expenses

Virgo (11th house) – Income from career, gains, friends, business, and social networks

Libra (10th house) - Career, profession, social status, public reputation Scorpio (9th house) - Father, teacher, higher education, philosophy, and religious studies

Sagittarius (8th house) – Mysteries, research, hidden wealth, longevity, inheritance Capricorn (7th house) – Spouse or committed partnerships, business partnerships, relationships

Aquarius (6th house) - Enemies, health, daily routines and habits, service to others

Pisces (5th house) - Children, creativity, intelligence, past life credit

Full Moon in Ashlesha Nakshatra: What Does it Support?

Ashlesha nakshatra supports: Learning or teaching mystical knowledge Activating the Chakras Practicing Kundalini yoga Getting rid of things you no longer need Keeping secrets Taking bold actions Confronting your shadows

ASHLESHA “THE EMBRACER” Deity: Sarpas or Nagas Symbol: Coiled Serpent Shakti: The Power to Inflict with Poison Quality: Sharp, Dreadful

The serpents (sarpas) are the symbol of Ashlesha and have great intelligence and dhi (wisdom). They represent the kundalini, which could be translated as “coiled up.” Shiva has a coiled serpent around his neck that represents the halahala, or poison, that he drank during the churning of the ocean to save all of creation. The coiled serpent specifically symbolizes sexuality, medicine, and poison. The Rod of Asclepius is a staff with a single serpent entwined around it that is associated with the Greek god of healing and medicine. The power to inflict poison is definitely associated with both the serpent and medicine, since poison in the right dose can be medicine, and medicine in the wrong dose becomes poison.

Read more in my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Full Moon Ritual Timing

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS RITUAL: Starting something new is a best before 10:28am PT on Feb 5, when the Moon is still waxing. But please keep in mind that Ashlesha nakshatra is not recommended for new beginnings.

BEST TIMING ENDINGS RITUAL: Endings are best initiated on February 5 after 10:28am PT, once the Moon starts to wane.

And don't forget, Saturn made the move from sidereal Capricorn to Aquarius on January 17 and will stay there until spring 2025. Make sure to check out your Saturn in Aquarius forecast for 2023-2025 on my blog if you haven't already. Find it here!

A quick heads up for new subscribers: Keep in mind that I use the sidereal zodiac for my birth chart and transit calculations, which is different from the tropical zodiac commonly used in Western astrology.

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