Leo September 17 New Moon Forecast

The advancing light of the Virgo new Moon in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra will support new beginnings for you related to savings plan, food lifestyle plan or diet and family.

With disciplined Saturn in a very harmonious position to the Sun and new Moon, this will lend the support if you like so many others gained some "Pande(mic)" pounds. Saturn will be sure that if you are disciplined you will reach your goal, although plan for a slow and steady weight loss program It is Saturn, after all!

Since the new Moon occurs in a lunar mansion that is super supportive for new beginnings, it is a great time to set your intentions and then do whatever ritual (candle lighting, crystals, tarot card pull) you like to support these intentions once the Moon has shifted to waxing.

I would recommend working with  tourmalated quartz and/or black Moonstone for this new Moon energy. The black tourmaline and black Moonstone brings in the energy of Saturn in harmony with the Moon.


The times best for rituals are listed on part one of this forecast here.

One other important note - Rahu and Ketu (north and south nodes of the Moon) change signs on September 20. Rahu moves into Taurus and Ketu into Scorpio.  This will bring the eclipses to these two signs for the next 18 months. More on this before the eclipses in November and December.

Mars Retrograde 2020 and Key Fall Transits

Mars retrograde 9/9 - 11/13

Mars square Saturn 9/15-30

Mars square Pluto 10/1-15 and 12/15-23

This very strong Mars with be going retrograde in fiery Aries which is in harmony with your fiery sign of Leo. Mars will be moving backward in your 9th house which is connected to father, higher learning, foreign travel, teaching, teachers and luck and fortune. Any or all of these things may be up for review during this Mars retrograde period that lasts through mid-November.

To complicate matters, there are some intense and somewhat conflicting planetary energies interacting with Mars during the retrograde phase and beyond this fall. Both Saturn and Pluto are squaring off with Mars and this combination of planets that have the potential to create some divine discontent in the ninth house matters I just mentioned.

Saturn may cause some delays or obstacles regarding higher learning or foreign travel (especially now with Covid in play!) Mars is impatient and may feel as though Saturn is blocking his spiritual progress. The key is to hang in there and take things one-step-at-a-time.

Once the Saturn influence to Mars subsides, Pluto comes into the picture. Pluto on the other hand is asking for radical transformation of Mars and ninth house matters. Beware of teachers that are potentially manipulative or not completely above board during the first two weeks of October.


  • Mars Retrograde Negative: Revisiting situations or experiences that can re-surface anger, aggression or impulsiveness.

  • Mars retrograde Positive: Revising reactivity to situations that would normally cause frustration, impulsiveness or anger.

  • Mars Square Saturn Positive : Problem solving, tenacity, courage and methodical process combined.

  • Mars Square Saturn Negative: Frustration and anger, feeling blocked.

  • Mars Square Pluto Positive : Unearthing subconscious patterns that no longer serve your highest good, harness energy of these two to create positive physical and emotional changes.

  • Mars Square Pluto Negative: Subconscious rage, hidden aggression, manipulative behaviors

See the crystal set created to help support you during these Mars/Satunr/Pluto transits in my shop.

September 1 Full Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast

Please note Vedic (sidereal) Sun Sign dates are not the same as in Western astrology. It is best to read for your Vedic rising sign if you know it. If you do not know it you can calculate your free Vedic chart here. Please keep in mind your individual chart and current planetary period and sub periods will modify your experience.

The September full Corn Moon illuminates your partnerships, both romantic and business. This area of your chart only gets a full Moon once a year, so take time to determine what needs to come to a close so that current or future business or romantic relationships can flourish! There may also be some surprising news connected to your relationships that comes around the time of the full Moon.

Enjoy the last few weeks of the bright Sun transiting though sidereal Leo as your ruler is strong in it's own sign through September 15. Once Sun moves into Virgo on September 16, we are headed into fall season and a more inward perspective for Leo rising folks.

Be sure to read part one of this forecast for ritual timing and much more!

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Please note: This is a sidereal forecast based upon the system of Vedic astrology. If you do not know your rising sign, you can order a birth chart and your planetary cycle information here.

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