Cancer Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: April 2020

Your Month Ahead: April Forecast

Life may have really felt as though the  surrounding energy has been ramping up for you in the last month and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


The timing of when you will feel the planetary intensity will depend largely on your rising degree. If you are an early degree Cancer rising, from 0-10 things may feel more intense the first week of April. If you are 10-20 degrees Caner the timing will be from about April 7- 19 if your rising degree is 21-30 Cancer.


Your relationship sector is also very active right now. If you are currently in a committed partnership and spending time at home with your partner during the stay at home restrictions, your experience may be slightly more powerful for your partner than those of other zodiac signs.


With Saturn and Jupiter in your relationship house you may be feeling like you need freedom in your relationship along with some structure and stability. These two planets are usually at odds with each other's opinions around how to approach things and a push pull influence may occur.


The outstanding news I want to share with you now is that Venus, who is responsible for your career, innermost happiness and home, is finally moving through Taurus for most of the month of April! This transit of Venus is a tremendous support for career and happiness which will help take some of the edge off the other influences I mentioned earlier in this forecast.


Please take advantage of this time since this transit of Venus in Taurus only occurs about once per year. And having your fourth ruler of your home and happiness strong will be helpful for you as so many around the world are being required to stay home during this pandemic. You will want to be working a lot during this time though.


Sun as the planet responsible for your accumulated wealth will be headed into its sign of greatest strength in mid-April, until mid-May! If you are a teacher this will be a fabulous time for you, especially if you are earning through speeches or if your income relies on speaking such as teaching, sales, etc..


April 7 Full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

Any creative projects that need to be completed? The full Moon in Chitra is just the time to complete anything that has been outstanding. This could include any craft or writing projects.


Along with the full Moon emotional energy, there is another dramatic influence. Mars is squaring off with unpredictable Uranus. Since Mars is the ruler of your career one and Uranus is in your career zone, you may have some unexpected surprise from someone you work with, which may not be a welcome surprise. You may be getting an additional responsibility or some other unexpected interruption. This has to potential to be frustrating because Saturn influencing your chart ruler Moon/mind will want some stability and structure.


April 22 New Moon in Ashwini

This is such a healing new Moon in Ashwini and it occurs in your career sector of your birth chart. If you happen to work in the field of health and healing, be sure to set intentions around what you want to call in to your work going forward for the next six months.

If you are not in the medical or healing fields, determine what it is within you that needs to be healed so that you can move forward and bring the most and best part of you to your work.

There is a possibility for some unexpected changes to occur at work the day after the new Moon.

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