Please note Vedic (sidereal) Sun Sign dates are not the same as in Western astrology. It is best to read for your Vedic rising sign if you know it. If you do not know it you can calculate your free Vedic chart here. Please keep in mind your individual chart and current planetary period and sub periods will modify your experience.


April 11 New Moon in Revati Nakshatra

The new Moon almost immediately shifts into the next sign after it begins to wax. This will emphasize and illuminate with the new Moon energy your public reputation and career. The area of your chart that is most dynamic! 

Add Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries to the energy of the new Moon, and you literally have a powerhouse of planets stacked up to support your career goals for the last weeks of April. Sun in Aries is particularly strong in your tenth house of career and will remain there through mid- May. Utilize this strong solar energy to be visible within your field of expertise and to help you achieve your goals. Your speech will be particularly persuasive and effective for your work at this time. If you teach, this would be an excellent time to begin a new audio/video course!


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Please note: This is a sidereal forecast based upon the system of Vedic astrology. If you do not know your rising sign, you can order a birth chart and your planetary cycle information here.

Or you can calculate your Vedic birth chart on this page

"As someone who began their astrological journey in Western astrology and then transitioned into Vedic astrology, I share many key differences in the two systems so that anyone familiar with Western astrology but is also interested in learning about Jyotish can easily and quickly begin their journey with this book and establish a strong foundation for future learning." - Pamela

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