Aquarius Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: February 2020

Your Month Ahead

Your main birth chart ruler, Saturn has just made a monumental shift from Sagittarius into Capricorn! This will have a significant meaning for you Aquarius over the next three years. Do not miss your Saturn in Capricorn horoscope January 2020 through January 2023  here.


The co-ruler of Aquarius is Rahu and he is in a very interesting exchange of house and planetary energy with Mercury through early April! Mercury is moving through Aquarius and Rahu through Gemini (Mercury’s sign) in February and March! This brings a big Rahu influence (think BIG aspirations) to you personally in in your thoughts with regard to creativity, romance, children and speculation (think stock market) and places a huge emphasis on these parts of your life. Especially if you are in the planetary period of Rahu, since Rahu will be in his own nakshatra, Ardra for some time.  If you are not currently in a relationship you may definitely feel like putting yourself out there during this time.


When Mercury goes retrograde mid-month this could really mix up the energy, in more ways than one! Be sure to read your separate mercury retrograde forecast here – it will be posted just after Valentine’s day so check back then. Speaking of Valentine’s day…have a wonderful romantic day with that Mercury/Rahu exchange. Mercury will be stationing the day before the holiday and very strong. Plan something dreamy!


February 8 Full Moon in Cancer

The daily routine might get an overhaul around this time. The full Moon signals endings and this is no exception with the Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra. Ashlesha is good for removing things that you no longer of use. So it might be time to Marie Kondo your schedule! Since this is also the zone of your chart connected to health and healing it is a great time to edit any unhealthy habits from your day to day that might have a negative impact on your health and wellness.


The next big event is fiery Mars in the fire sign of Sagittarius with expansive Jupiter and firebrand Ketu. This will definitely focus a lot of energy on networking for personal but also very specifically for career purposes. This will be a powerful time for anyone who is in the coaching or counseling profession since Jupiter in his own sign will be in full support of Mars!


February 23 New Moon in Aquarius

The only new Moon in YOUR sign for 2020 Aquarius! This is super important and is the one chance you have all year to focus your energy and intentions on YOU! Additionally since the new Moon occurs in the very healing Shatabhishak nakshatra this is a powerful time for healing related to anything physically that you need to heal from. This new Moon signals a time to begin new healing modalities, especially as they connect to the mind, children, romance, speculation or creativity. Set your intentions around the new Moon and be sure to check for the times that are best for new Moon rituals.

That said, the first part of the fiery Mars in Sagittarius transit is the movement of Mars toward detached and spiritual Ketu until February 23, which is the day of the new Moon. Ketu has extreme fiery energy, as does Mars and Sagittarius! This is a potentially explosive combination, especially if you are in the main or sub period of Ketu. And if your rising degree is within a few degrees of 11 degrees Sagittarius this will have a stronger effect for you.


Mark your calendar a few days before these two meet up! Unpredictable Uranus will be in the mix too, so go slowly, breathe, take your time when engaging in any physical or athletic task. Be sure to watch your head around this time – action-oriented Mars rules communication and career/public reputation for you – Ketu is HEADLESS! There is great potential for “headless” or mindless behaviors that could lead to less than desirable results in your career, especially due to a glitch communication. Be extra mindful of written communications and especially the recipients of texts or emails! Note your calendar for February 22 through 24. Especially if you are in Ketu or Mars planetary periods or sub periods.

Mercury retrograde forecast coming on February 15 - check back here for your forecast!


Saturn shifted signs last month and will be in his own sign Capricorn for almost three years. You can read your Saturn in Capricorn through January 2023 forecast here.

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