October 31 Halloween Full Moon Forecast

The full Moon illuminates the area of your birth chart associated with writing, courage, the arts and younger siblings.

Due to the close proximity of Uranus to the full Moon, you may get a creative burst to write, create some art or connect with a younger sibling (if you have one!). I want to emphasize the creative side and the arts for you Aquarius since the full Moon is in Bharani nakshatra which is connected to creativity. You may also hear some surprising news from a younger sibling around the day or two before/after the full Moon.

It is an ideal time to finish off a creative project that you may have been waiting to complete. And who knows, you may also have someone contact you to write something for their online journal or blog, or maybe a book? It happens!


October 16 New Moon Forecast

New Moon in Virgo connects to inheritances, insurance settlements, your partners income and all of the esoteric arts like astrology, tarot and the rest of the category of hidden knowledge.

Usually new Moon energy is great for new beginnings -  but this new Moon...not so much! With Mercury the ruler of Virgo retrograde it would be a great time to consider what you have learned in the area of hidden knowledge and an even better time to go back over previous courses you have taken or taught.

October 1 Full Moon Forecast

The first full Moon of fall occurs in the area of your birth chart that is connected to family, savings and assets, and speech.

Full Moon energy is usually best for endings or completing outstanding matters of importance. But this full Moon is a bit different! The energy of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra of this full Moon is great for laying foundations, planting, seeding new projects. So whether you want to complete something or begin something anew, this is a great Moon to do so!

Especially related second house matters that I mentioned at the begining of this forecast. If there is something standing in the way of your savings plan, set your intentions and let the energy of the full Moon work in harmony with you. Or if you have objectives related to your family, harnesss this full Moon energy to plant new seeds.

I love working with Sunstone (for Sun), Rainbow Moonstone (for Full Moon) and Blue Lace Agate (for intention setting) for full Moon energy and intention setting. Blue Lace Agate is an amazing stone with such clear energy it is hard to express in writing. The quality of this crystal is the highest grade you can find and the vibration is equally as powerful! Combined with the Sunstone and Moonstone it is the the perfect combination for Sun, Moon and rising sign. You can find it in my shop here.

Be sure to read part one of this forecast for ritual timing and much more!

One other important note - Rahu and Ketu (north and south nodes of the Moon) change signs on September 20. Rahu moves into Taurus and Ketu into Scorpio.  This will bring the eclipses to these two signs for the next 18 months. More on this before the eclipses in November and December.

Mars Retrograde 2020 and Key Fall Transits

Mars retrograde 9/9 - 11/13

Mars square Saturn 9/15-30

Mars square Pluto 10/1-15 and 12/15-23

First up is Mars retrograde! As I write this forecast Mars is at a virtual standstill and is VERY strong just as he prepares to go retrograde on Wednesday, September 9.

The retrograde phase will occur in your third house which is associated with younger siblings, courage, artistic endeavors and writing.


If you are in the middle of an article or maybe even a book, you may take this time to re-evaluate your format or even the content! It is always ideal to wait until Mars goes direct before implementing major changes though.

There is a bit more complexity to this Mars retrograde though. For the final two weeks in September, fiery Mars and responsible Saturn will be squaring off. This energy can be powerful when used for higher good to accomplish a lot! But when the energy is focused in the lower realms it can be frustrating, the fast pace of fiery Mars combined with the slower serious energy of Saturn. Be extra mindful of interactions with younger siblings, as well as the written word (such as on social media) during the last two weeks of September when this influences is strongest.

And last but not least! The first two weeks of October (and a week in December) powerful and transformative Pluto gets into the mix with Mars. This is definitely a different vibe than Mars and Saturn. The energy s much more connected to the subconscious mind and could also create an OVER abundance of willpower, the potential for irrational actions and manipulation - particularly related to younger siblings, if you have them. On the lighter side it can manifest as transformative courage that can support your goals and objectives!


  • Mars Retrograde Negative: Revisiting situations or experiences that can re-surface anger, aggression or impulsiveness.

  • Mars retrograde Positive: Revising reactivity to situations that would normally cause frustration, impulsiveness or anger.

  • Mars Square Saturn Positive : Problem solving, tenacity, courage and methodical process combined.

  • Mars Square Saturn Negative: Frustration and anger, feeling blocked.

  • Mars Square Pluto Positive : Unearthing subconscious patterns that no longer serve your highest good, harness energy of these two to create positive physical and emotional changes.

  • Mars Square Pluto Negative: Subconscious rage, hidden aggression, manipulative behaviors

See the crystal set created to help support you during these Mars/Satunr/Pluto transits in my shop.


September 1 Full Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast

Please note Vedic (sidereal) Sun Sign dates are not the same as in Western astrology. It is best to read for your Vedic rising sign if you know it. If you do not know it you can calculate your free Vedic chart here. Please keep in mind your individual chart and current planetary period and sub periods will modify your experience.

Aquarius is this is your only full Moon for 2020! Be sure to take full advantage of this healing and brilliant new Moon energy in your sign. And if you are born with your rising degree within the nakshatra of Shatabhishak this will be a doubly healing time for you. Decide what you want to heal within or leave behind with this full Moon energy so that you can begin a new healing journey.

Your chart ruler Saturn is retrograde right now and will finally be turning direct in late September. If you have felt as though you have been going nowhere slowly, then be ready to get things moving again once October rolls around. This is the end of a 30-year cycle for you between now and the end of 2021. The forward motion of Saturn will support you in your efforts as you wrap up necessary parts of your life and dig deeply into your sub-conscious mind to uncover and heal the shadow parts over the next year or so.

Be sure to read part one of this forecast for ritual timing and much more!

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Please note: This is a sidereal forecast based upon the system of Vedic astrology. If you do not know your rising sign, you can order a birth chart and your planetary cycle information here.

Or you can calculate your Vedic birth chart on this page

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Full Moon Intention Set


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