Aquarius May Vedic Astrology Forecast

Get ready. Action oriented Mars is headed for your sign, Aquarius! That’s right, fiery Mars is moving into Aquarius on May 4, and will bring with him a lot of energy and courage over the next month or so. Mars is also connected to communication for you – if you are a writer this will be a prolific time for you through mid-June.


Mars is also the planet responsible for career and your public reputation. This will bring a lot of focus for you around these areas of life. If you are not working it will be a supportive time to find work, and if you are self-employed or in a job working for others you will be focusing a lot of energy on your work.


May 6-14 Mars will receive the full influence of the co-ruler of Aquarius, Rahu. This aspect could lead to some creative and technical innovations. Technology will factor significantly in your life during this time. If you are a engineer or programmer you could have a great technological breakthrough during this time. This can also be a super creative time if you are a graphic artist, filmmaker or photographer.


Your co-ruler Rahu continues to move through the compatible and social air sign of Gemini. From there Rahu aspects to the air tines and your sign Aquarius through late September of this year. This influence encourages supporting the underdog of society, innovations and networking with large groups within society to work for humanitarian efforts.


Meanwhile, Venus the planet that is connected to your home, happiness, mother is in Taurus and will stay in Taurus until July 31! This is due to the retrograde phase that begins on May 12 through June 25.


This is an over three months stay for Venus in earthly Taurus. Venus usually can move through a sign in a 3.5 to 4 weeks. Needless to say this transit of Venus will place a major emphasis on your home life. Taurus is an earth sign and Venus loves luxury and comfort, especially in Taurus! Take time during the retrograde phase to decide what does not feel comfortable about your home environment! With so many people at home across the globe this comfort can be extra important to you and your partner or family right now. Be sure to hang on to implement your new décor once Venus goes direct after June 25. Otherwise you may be redoing again sooner than you would like.

The fourth house is also about your deepest personal happiness. You may be taking inventory of what truly makes you happy during this retrograde phase.


Be aware that ethereal Neptune is going to be influencing Venus for the first three weeks of May. This can be a tremendously creative influence but can also create illusions or even delusions. Once the rose colored glasses come off the final week of May is a good time to get going on fourth house matters.

May 7 full Flower Super Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra

Your ninth house of higher learning, foreign lands, spirituality is illuminated by the bright and beautiful Super Moon. Moon also connects these parts of life to your own health and wellness.

Connect deeply to your spiritual path during this full Moon to determine how your spiritual path and your overall health and wellness are connected. What needs to be ended or completed in order to support both of these critical areas of your life experience?

Set your intentions. Be sure to view the Moon before it sets on May 7, and tap into the powerful energy of this Super Moon!!

May 22 Purifying New Moon in Krittika Nakshatra

The new Moon takes place in sidereal Taurus along with retrograde Venus, who is the ruler of Taurus. This combination will place a major emphasis on your home, happiness and relationship with your mother.

With so many people spending time at home, more now than ever, this is a super important new Moon for you!

Take some quiet time out on Thursday evening before the new Moon to contemplate what you would like your home environment to look and feel like. with Venus retrograde this is not the time to implement major changes. Consider what you want to change in your space and wait until Venus goes direct for major changes like redecorating or painting your entire house.

Start with small changes, clear out the clutter to prepare your spaces for Venus direct in mid-June. Saturn is also sending his supportive energy for downsizing to the things that you really, really need. Once Venus is direct in June you can begin to slowly add new elements of luxury and comfort into your space.

Keep in mind the actions supported by the new Moon in Kritika nakshatra; purification, transformation, courageous activities, beginning new ventures or events (this is specific to this nakshatra AND the new Moon - doubly good indications for new projects!).

The new Moon occurs at 7:56 Taurus - if you have any planets between 4-12 degrees in any of the three earth signs; Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, this new Moon will significantly energize those planets and the areas of your chart they represent! (You can calculate your Vedic birth chart here for free).

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Saturn shifted signs last month and will be in his own sign Capricorn for almost three years. You can read your Saturn in Capricorn through January 2023 forecast here.

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