Your March Horoscope and Key Astrological Influences

This is your March roadmap to the stars and the most important astrological influences for the month. Plan ahead!

Your March Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope

There is so much action happening in the cosmic sky during March!

Your March horoscopes are posted for you now on my website, and your new and full Moon forecasts are also clearly labeled within the forecast in bold.

For my western astrology friends, please remember I use the sidereal zodiac and the calculations for planetary transits are different than the tropical zodiac calculations.

The key astrological influences I am sharing below are part of the individual zodiac sign forecast when relevant and my forecasts are written for non-astrologers and astrologers alike. So for my astrologer friends, enjoy the bullet points with key influences.

Non-astrologers you may want to skip this and hop on over to your horoscope for March where I will break it down in plain language! March is filled with some major planetary movements and combinations! The final 10 days of the month are going to be extra action-packed.

These are the main highlights and dates to mark on your calendars:

• March 9 Full Moon in Leo – Purva Phalguni Nakshatra • March 9 Mercury goes direct - woohoo!March 18 Moon conjunct Mars and Jupiter, then Saturn a few hours later • March 20 Mars conjunct Jupiter • March 20 Saturn aspects Sun • March 22 Mars moves into Capricorn – Mars exaltation sign • March 24 New Moon in Pisces – Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra • March 27 Jupiter aspects Venus • March 28 Venus moves into Taurus • March 29 Jupiter moves into Capricorn – it's debilitation sign • March 31 Mars/Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn • Don’t forget to read your Saturn in Capricorn forecast if you have not already . This is a huge shift and will impact almost the next three years.

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