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Nourshing New Moon in Cancer July 20, 2020

July 20 New Moon in Cancer Energy Forecast

Happy New Moon in the Star of Nourishment!The new Moon in Pushya nakshatra is an opportunity to be in the flow with the energy of of nourishment, which everyone could really use right now!

But let's talk about the new Moon in watery Cancer first! (Just a reminder for my western astrology friends, I use sidereal zodiac calculations).

This is the one and only new Moon in the Moon's own sign of Cancer during 2020, so be sure to make it count!

New Moon Phase begins: July 19, 11:40am Pacific Time New Moon Phase ends: July 20, 10:32am Pacific Time

On Sunday night, Moon is headed toward the Sun and is almost totally dark and around 11:15pm, Moon will be directly opposite buoyant Jupiter. This influence may be felt most of Sunday. But as Moon heads toward its depest wane, it is also moving into an opposition with serious Saturn.

This is the third month in a row that Moon has in one way or another been engaged with Saturn -- sending his sombre and realistic undertones to the new Moon phase and new beginnings.

This month Saturn in Capricorn is almost directly opposite Sun and Moon in Cancer within the same degree. I do not see this close of an influence frequently.

Saturn is sending a caution with this new Moon to be conservative with your goals and desires for the months ahead. And if you make commitment to a specific goal at this new Moon to be very sure you will follow through with your commitments and responsibilities. Be sure slow and steady progress is is in your plan..

New Moon energy is generally fantastic for new beginnings - more on this below when we learn about Pushya nakshatra were this new Moon occurs.

Consider closely matters related to the house that the new Moon falls in for you and the meanings associated with that house. (read your new Moon horoscope on my website horoscopes page!).

Once the Moon begins to wax, the more serious influence from Saturn will diminish and the first waxing phase of the Moon along with the energy of fire will help support a new beginning!

New Moon horoscopes are up now - be sure to scroll down about half way down the page to reach the July 20 New Moon in Cancer subtitle.

New Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

From my new book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners, on sale now in stores and

Pushya, “The Star of Nourishment” Deity: Brihaspati Symbol: Lotus Flower, Udder of a Cow Shakti: The Power to Create Spiritual Energy Quality: Light and Swift

The cow’s udder as the symbol for Pushya nakshatra imparts so many important meanings as Pushya is the star of nourishment. Cows are considered very sacred animals in India and they are intelligent yet emotional and intuitive animals. They provide nourishment, and have long been a symbol of fertility in many cultures.

Planets within the sign of Pushya can impart nurturing qualities and it also can symbolize someone who gets great pleasure out of cooking and feeding or nurturing others.

You can read more about Pushya nakshatra and the other 27 nakshatras and more in my new book Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Pushya nakshatra is supportive of: - Healing yourself or others - Laying the Foundation for New Projects - Cooking and Gardening - Beginning new ventures or events (this is specific to this nakshatra AND the new Moon - double good indications for new projects!) Depending upon the house that the new Moon occurs in your birth chart there will be opportunities for nourishment in a specific area of your life. Be sure to check your new Moon forecast.](

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New Moon Phase begins: July 19, 11:40am Pacific Time New Moon Phase ends: July 20, 10:32am Pacific Time

Use of the water element in your new Moon ritual for Pushya nakshatra is extremely important. You can place a flower in a bowl of water or even some milk in a small vessel on your altar space.

Best New Moon Ritual Timing:

July 20, 10:33am Pacific Time through July 21, 7:58am Pacific Time Please do have a look at the crystal grids I have created for new and full Moon (and other) rituals in my *Etsy store here*.

New Moon Intention

"Water purifies and nourishes me. May this new Moon energy and element of water give emotional, spiritual and physical nourishment to every living being on our planet. "


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