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Mercury Retrograde Vedic Astrology Forecast: September 26 -October 18

September 26, a few hours before the clock strikes midnight (Pacific Time),the planet Mercury turns retrograde for the final time this year. Mercury turns retrograde about three times per year, although we will get four Mercury retrograde phases in 2022! See dates at the end of the article.

Mercury, which is the planet that signifies writing, communication, business and education, is taking steps backward starting September 26 through October 18. Take advantage of this time to re-assess, re-evaluate, re-consider, re-visit, or just redo!

Mercury rules two signs - Gemini and Virgo. The houses and areas of life they represent in the birth chart will be up for review during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury stations at 01:19 degree of Libra. Mercury will turn retrograde in Chitra nakshatra and return to Virgo and eventually back into Hasta nakshatra. Hasta is symbolized by the hands and the planet Mercury rules the skin.

Mars is also in sidereal Virgo the entire time Mercury is retrograde in Virgo. Be extra mindful of being too direct speaking during this period - especially during the time that Mars and Mercury are in a planetary war (graha yuddha) from October 9-11.

If you are in the main or sub planetary periods of Mars or Moon, you may experience this retrograde Mercury phase more intensely than others.

This Mercury retrograde astrology forecast is done by rising sign. If you do not know your rising sign you can calculate your free Vedic (sidereal) birth chart here.

Aries: Written communication is doubly emphasized for you during this Mercury retrograde phase. Triple check any important legal documents from September 27 - October 18. Although Mercury retrograde in Virgo will be asking you to consider your daily routines, work and being of service to others. What should stay and what needs to go from your daily to do list? Consider these matters while Mercury is retrograde through October 18. Your chart ruler Mars will also be in a planetary war with retrograde Mercury from October 9-11 so be mindful of hands, arms and shoulders at that time and not overdoing things with these parts of the body.

Taurus: If you have any speaking engagements planned during the retrograde dates, be mindful of speaking slowly and with care since Gemini is the second house of speech for Taurus rising. Especially on October 9-10 when Mercury and Mars are in a planetary war. Mars will want you to speed up and Mercury is easily influenced! You may also be going through some re-evaluation of a creative project that is in the works or already finished. It is a good time to review what you are truly passionate about and possibly reconsider changes to something you completed in the past. Be sure to implement your changes once Mercury goes direct!

Gemini: Mercury is your all important chart ruler! You may be considering some deeply personal changes at this time. The changes may be internal or external, or both - remember, you are a dual sign Gemini! This is also good time to consider a move or a change to your home environment, but not a great time to actually make the changes! Once Mercury goes direct on October 18, important changes will be supported. When Mercury and Mars are in a planetary war October 9-11, be very mindful about how directly and how much you are communicating with others. Particularly with co-workers and romantic partners since Mars is also influencing the seventh house of partnerships.

Cancer: It may be time for an overhaul on your writing style or possibly an essay or book that is in progress? Relationships with younger siblings, neighbors or BFF's may come into play at this time. There may be some past relationship issues with any or all of these groups which need to be resolved while Mercury is retrograde. Sleep and 12th house matters are also potentially disturbed during Mercury retrograde. Especially when Mars and Mercury are closely conjunct and in a planetary war from October 9-11. Mars can definitely heat up sub-conscious mental activity.

Leo: This Mercury retrograde is all about the money for you, Leo! Mercury just so happens to be responsible for both of the "money" houses for Leo rising. Virgo, where Mercury is retrograde, is all about your assets and savings. With Mars moving through Virgo for the duration, you may decide it is time to redistribute some of your investments. Best to do this after Mercury goes direct on October 18! Also with Mercury as ruler of your eleventh house of income from your career, you may be contemplating your earnings. If you are self-employed it may be time to update your fee structure, and if you work for someone else consider your pay scale and if your income trajectory is where you want to be going into 2022. Fiery Mars can be impulsive, especially when it is in a planetary war with Mars from October 9-11. Best to avoid major decisions regarding finances at this time and until Mercury turns direct.

Virgo: This is a major Mercury retrograde phase for you Virgo! Since Mercury is critical as your chart ruler, this retrograde phase that occurs in Virgo has the potential to be a very powerful time for you to go inward. This is also an excellent time to contemplate changes to your appearance, especially a hair style - or possibly something more internal that you want to shift and transform. Additionally you may be considering some changes in your work if you are self employed or work for others. Whichever the case take some quality time to contemplate these matters in the next three weeks. The one watch out is when Mars and Mercury are conjunct October 9-11. There is the possibility of over-heating or losing patience with others due to the influence of fiery Mars.

Libra: The subconscious mind is going to be very active for you during this Mercury retrograde period! Due to the presence of Mars and for a short time, Sun, you may find your sleep or meditations interrupted (sorry!) with an over active subconscious mind. Especially when Mars and Mercury are closely conjunct and in a planetary war from October 9-11. Mars can definitely heat up sub-conscious mental activity. Try to wind down early, devices and lights off before 10pm to support a calm sub-conscious mind before going off to dreamland! It is however a great time to go through any former spiritual studies or classes you have taken previously and revisit the teachings for a more in-depth understanding.

Scorpio: Mercury retrograde will spotlight your broader social network (yes - online, too!), your public reputation, older siblings and the money that you earn from your work or career. There will be a strong desire to totally transform these areas of your life. If you are thinking about a total overhaul be sure to wait until after Mercury turns direct October 18. Since your chart ruler Mars is going to be in sidereal Virgo with Mercury for the duration of the retrograde phase, you will be personally touched by this transit. Mars and Mercury will be in a planetary war from October 9-11 - both planets are weakened by the war, so be conservative in your actions on these days.

Sagittarius: Your public reputation and career are up for review at this time. And since Mercury is responsible for both business and personal partnerships these areas of life may be also be contemplated while Mercury is retrograde. Is your public reputation in your chosen field equal to the quality and/or commitment to your work? Has your partner been supportive of your career? If you are in a business partnership it is also an important time to assess your individual roles and responsibilities. Best to hold off on important conversations and negotiations from October 9-11 while Mercury and fiery Mars are in a planetary war! Implement new best practices after Mercury turns direct on October 18.

Capricorn: It may be time to reconsider your spiritual path or higher education during this final Mercury retrograde phase of 2021. Mercury turning retrograde in the ninth house of dharma, spirituality, teaching and higher learning are all topics of the ninth house. Mercury is also the planet that connects to daily work, service and routine efforts. With Mars and Mercury both together in Virgo you may find that you are busier than ever! Especially at work, which may create some issues on the home front. Be particularly mindful of this during time period of October 9-11 when Mars and Mercury are in a planetary war.

Aquarius: This Mercury retrograde period is terrific for reviewing insurance policies - life, auto, homeowners or renters insurance. Get your policies out and decide what might need to be changed or added based upon your current circumstances. The best time to make changes are after Mercury goes direct on October 18. The influence of Mars in sidereal Virgo with Mercury retrograde will also create an opportunity for transformation in your career and public reputation. Be mindful of the fiery Mars influence to communicative Mercury and not get into any twitter wars during this time! Especially when Mercury and Mars are in a planetary war from October 9-11.

Pisces: Committed relationships is the key topic during this final Mercury retrograde phase of 2021! With the fiery warrior Mars also moving through your seventh house of committed partnerships, there may be some tension in personal or business relationships. Especially during the planetary war happening between October 9-11. This is a good time to avoid important conversations about relationships and you personal happiness. The retrograde period will be an excellent time for you to consider your partnerships and determine what needs to be changed up or edited after Mercury goes direct on October 18. If you are not currently in a relationship take this time to contemplate what qualities you really want to have in a partner.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2021 and 2022

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2021

January 30 – February 20

May 29 – June 22

September 26 – October 18 turns retrograde in sidereal Libra but spends most of the time retrograde in Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2022

January 14 – February 3

May 10 – June 2

September 9 – October 2

December 29 – January 18


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