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Love: Is it Written in the Stars?

Love and Astrology

The most frequent questions during astrological consultations with clients concerns love and relationships.

Can a person come away from a Vedic astrology consultation with the understanding of their birth chart and relationship sector of the horoscope?

Why do I keep choosing the wrong life partners?

Can my birth chart tell me where to find love?

Can my astrology tell when I might be in a relationship?

Why is my relationship so difficult right now?

Karmic patterns that are seen through the individual horoscope connect to each element of our lives. Love and relationships are significant parts of our lives that can be seen through our birth chart.

Relationships that may lead to marriage can be evaluated from the seventh house of the horoscope. Through a careful analysis of this house and other key elements, an expert astrologer can identify periods of time when the focus will be upon significant relationships, when issues might arise in a relationship, and what kind of partner a person might choose.

The birth chart can also give us clues regarding the kind of partner we may not want to choose!

Often times the root of our choices extend beyond the seventh house of partnership. For example, if a person has struggles with anxiety or self esteem, this can be seen from the horoscope and how it might connect to partnership choices. Or if a person has very high self esteem, this too can impact the type of people one draws into their partnership sphere.

Other important factors may connect with the relationship that you had with your parents and/or siblings. These relate to the third, fourth, and ninth houses of your horoscope. From the perspective of the eastern tradition sometimes it just boils down to a karmic bank balance being carried over from our past lives.

Regardless of the root cause, when someone that I have never met comes to me for a reading and I identify certain patterns that have been consistent throughout their lives, it is a very affirming experience for clients.

Once the root cause is identified we can then determine a solution.

Jyotish is also part of a larger source of ancient wisdom that provides solutions to these karmic patterns. A means to overcome behaviors that are no longer serving us or supporting our emotional and/or spiritual evolution.

Our ability to overcome these patterns connects first to our level of awareness. By coupling our insights from our birth chart along with ancient and time tested methods we can overcome certain planetary conditions in our chart. Thereby shifting our karmic patterns in relationships and other important areas of life.

Relationship is a balancing act.

Once insights are gained, shifts can often be made through something as simple as working with an Ayurvedic practitioner to help us balance our diet and therefore help us to balance and clear the mind, thereby making better choices. The beauty of eastern traditions such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic astrology is that they are completely integrative.

Or we could add a short yet powerful mantra to our weekly practice.

Many of us were first exposed to mantra in yoga class, at a kirtan or maybe at a yoga festival. Mantra comes from the Sanskrit word manas. The english translation of manas is mind. Mantras are instruments of the mind.

Mantras are designed to support and clear our minds and connect us with spirit. The mental or auditory vibration of mantra helps us to tap into our own innate clarity. It also connects us with ancient deities from the Vedic tradition that support a shift in our mental state and our lives. Creating a state of connectedness and peace.

Mantras are incredibly powerful words that contain an inherent wisdom and vibration. Additionally specific mantras can be prescribed for specific needs based upon your Vedic horoscope.

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