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June 24 Full Strawberry Moon: The Last Super Moon of 2021!

Everything You Need to Know: June 24 Full Strawberry Super Moon Forecast

Since the full Strawberry Super Moon occurs mid-day in the United States, it will be below the horizon at the peak of its full phase at 11:39am PT on June 24.

To get the best glimpse of the almost full moon, turn to the sky and the southeast horizon just before sunset on Thursday, June 23rd. There may be a short time after Moon rise that the Moon appears gold (not red like its Strawberry name!). The golden hue will probably last for just a few minutes while the moon is still low on the horizon. Check it out if you have clear skies!

This is a lovely full Moon! Especially since the last full Moon was a fairly intense lunar eclipse! Finally, we have a somewhat "clean" full Moon that is mostly free of other planetary influences! Yay!

And since the full Moon occurs within Mula nakshatra (read about Mula nakshatra influence below!) it will be especially good for endings!

The brightest phase of the Moon occurs at 11:39 am PT in sidereal Sagittarius at 9:18 degrees. If you have any planets or your rising degree between 6-12 degrees of Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo, this full Moon will have additional meaning for you!

Full Moon in fiery and philosophical sidereal Sagittarius this month and you may be happy to know we are officially done with eclipse season until the end of the year - YAY!

Here are some key words for the zodiac sign and the energies of Sagittarius: * Lawful * Wise * Father * Religious/Spiritual * Teaching/Teachers * Higher Learning

For all other rising signs, the house that Sagittarius represents in your birth chart does connect to a very specific area of your life and you can merge the house meaning with the key indications of Sagittarius to get the full picture. If you do not have your Vedic birth chart, you can calculate it here.

Full Moon in Mula Nakshatra

Mula: The Star of Destruction Symbol: Roots/Ankush Quality: Sharp Deity: Kali/Niritti Energy: The shakti/power of destruction Planetary Ruler: Ketu

Planet(s) passing through Mula nakshatra by transit have ability to be transformed - torn down - then reconstructed. Sagittarius where the full Moon occurs, rules in your horoscope will be highlighted during this June Full Moon phase!

Something may need to be pulled up by the roots and replanted for a stronger and more fulfilled life experience.

Mula nakshatra energy supports: ▪ Endings * Destruction * Research ▪ Roots and medicinal herbs/roots ▪ Selling land or homes ▪ Gathering foundations of knowledge ▪ Healing Remedies * Meditation * Studying metaphysical subjects

Full Moon Intention

“When one's life has been shattered into a million pieces, most set out to pick up the pieces & rebuild. Others look at those broken pieces & decide this is their opportunity to start anew, the bigger picture comes into view. They see more & want better so they leave those pieces scattered as a memorial to who they used to be!” - Sanjo Jendayi

Full Moon Ritual Timing

Full Moon Phase begins: June 23 @ 3:02 pm PDT Full Moon Phase ends: June 24 @11:38 am PDT

Rituals: Best Timing for Endings Wait for the Moon to start to wane first for endings.

Initiate endings during these times: Monday June 24 11:39 am PDT - 6:09 pm PDT


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