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January 25 🌕 Full Moon Magic 🔮 in Pushya Nakshatra: Embrace the Nurturing Essence!

Discover the Lunar Wonders: Full Moon in Cancer's Pushya Nakshatra: January 25th at 9:54 AM PT (Seattle, WA)

Get ready to embrace the lunar energies of the upcoming Full Moon in the nurturing and watery embrace of Pushya Nakshatra in Cancer, on January 25th at 9:54 AM PT (Seattle, WA). As we delve into the mystical realms of Vedic astrology, we find this Full Moon to be a rare gem, not only illuminating the night sky but also our lives with its unique characteristics. Join us as we explore the thoughtful impact of January’s Full Moon.

Cancer - The Moon's Aum Home

What lends a distinctive essence to this Full Moon is its placement in the sign of Cancer, the Moon's own zodiac sign. Cancer is like the Moon's cozy sanctuary, and when a Full Moon graces this sign, intuition and emotions are magnified. It's a time to explore our inner worlds, connect with our intuition, and savor the comforting embrace of family and home.

However, it's important to note that this particular Full Moon also forms a challenging square to Uranus and an opposition to Pluto. These aspects can introduce unexpected changes and transformative experiences, stirring emotions and encouraging us to go even deeper into our inner worlds. While outer planets like Uranus and Pluto are not traditionally used in Jyotish (Vedic astrology), they hold importance and have broad reaching and generational impacts that influence our lives and experiences.


Pushya Nakshatra’s Nurturing Influence

The full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra offers its support for various activities, including:

- Healing: Whether it's self-healing or aiding others on their healing journeys, Pushya Nakshatra provides a nurturing environment.

- Laying the Foundation for New Projects: This Nakshatra is conducive to initiating new projects, and it's particularly auspicious to start them while the Moon is still waxing for added lunar support.

- Cooking and Gardening: If you have a passion for culinary delights or nurturing plants, Pushya Nakshatra enhances your skills and connections with these activities.

- Beginning New Ventures or Events: Initiating fresh ventures or events during this Nakshatra ensures the Moon's blessings but remember to commence them before the Moon begins to wane. Although Pushya Nakshatra is generally considered less favorable for wedding dates!


Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra Intention

Cleansing waters purify and nurture my being, resonating with the essence of Pushya Nakshatra. May the energy of this full Moon, intertwined with the element of water and the blessings of Pushya Nakshatra, bestow emotional, spiritual, and physical nourishment upon all living beings across our planet.


Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra: Your Rising Sign Forecast!

Depending on the house where the full Moon occurs in your birth chart, specific opportunities for nourishment and growth will manifest in that area of your life. Don't forget to consult your Full Moon forecast next, for personalized insights!

The aspects of Pluto and Uranus to the full Moon can introduce challenges and transformative energies. It's important to navigate these influences with awareness and adaptability, using the nurturing qualities of Pushya Nakshatra to find balance and growth.

Now, let's explore what this Full Moon holds for each of the rising signs. Not sure of your Vedic rising sign? Free Vedic chart calculator here.

Aries (Mesha): This Full Moon encourages you to focus on your home and family life. Strengthening familial bonds and nurturing your domestic environment will be especially beneficial during this time. Be mindful of potential power struggles and unexpected changes in your family dynamics.

Taurus (Vrishabha): For Taurus rising, written communications and self-expression are highlighted. Open up and connect emotionally with others in meaningful communications. Keep an eye out for potential disruptions in communication and deep emotional transformations due to the influence of Uranus and Pluto.

Gemini (Mithuna): The Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra illuminates your second house, which is associated with food and resources. It's an ideal time to explore your culinary skills or consider financial matters. Stay cautious about sudden financial changes and potential power struggles related to assets and personal values.

Cancer (Karka): This Full Moon is a pivotal moment for Cancer rising folks, as it's the only Full Moon in their own sign this year! It brings emotional depth and self-awareness with the emphasis in Pushya nakshatra. Focus on self-care and personal growth, but be prepared for transformative experiences and the possibility of unexpected changes in your life.

Leo (Simha): Take some time to rest and recharge during this Full Moon. Reflect on your long-term goals and consider spiritual practices that nurture your inner self. Watch out for inner power struggles from the influence of Pluto and unexpected disruptions to your solitude and sleep due to the Uranus influence.

Virgo (Kanya): Social connections and business networking are supported by the Pushya full Moon. Strengthen friendships and expand your professional network to support your future goals. Be mindful of potential power dynamics in group settings and unexpected changes in your broader social network, including social media.

Libra (Tula): Your career takes center stage with the support of the Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra. Consider new ventures and projects that can elevate your professional status. Keep an eye on potential power struggles in your career and the possibility of unexpected changes in your public image.

Scorpio (Vrishchika): This Full Moon encourages exploration of spirituality and personal beliefs and philosophies. It's a time for inner growth and wisdom. Be prepared for transformative insights and the potential for disruptions in your beliefs. Planning a trip abroad? Now is a great time to lay the foundation for travel!

Sagittarius (Dhanu): Partnerships and shared resources are emphasized. Collaborate with others and consider new joint ventures for mutual success. Although there is some potential for power struggles in your partnerships which can lead to unexpected changes in shared resources.

Capricorn (Makara): Nurture your relationships and prioritize love and harmony if you are in a committed romantic relationship. This Full Moon supports efforts to strengthen your emotional bonds with both romantic and business partnerships. The watch out is for potential power struggles in your relationships and unexpected changes in your intimate connections.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Focus on health and daily routines. Implement positive changes for your well-being, and consider exploring new healing modalities, or fitness or dietary plans. Be prepared for transformative shifts in your daily routines that could change at the very core!

Pisces (Meena): Your creativity and self-expression shine during this beautiful Full Moon. This is a prime time to channel your artistic talents and showcase your unique perspective. Stay aware of the potential for challenges in collaborative creative endeavors and be adaptable to any unforeseen shifts in your artistic journey.


Aligning with Time: Ideal Timings for New Beginnings and Endings

Best time for new beginnings is during Poornima tithi_ (full Moon phase) before the Moon begins to wane . From January 24, 8:21a PT until January 25, at 9:54am

Best time for endings - after the Moon shifts to Pratipada tithi, January 25, 9:55am PT until January 26, 11:54am PT.

If you have clear skies be sure to pay homage to the beautiful full Moon in Cancer!

  • Moonrise (Seattle, WA) January 24: 3:42pm PT

  • Moonset (Seattle, WA) January 25: 8:18am PT


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Happy Full Moon! Pamela

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