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The First New Moon 🌙 Astrology Forecast for 2022! 💫

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

January 2, 2022 New Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast

This is fabulous new Moon to set intentions for the year ahead!

There are some incredibly fortunate and rare planetary shifts occurring early in 2022. Find out the timing so you can maximize opportunities for the year ahead. Astrologically speaking, the influences in 2022 are a significant improvement over 2021 - YAY!!

If you would like to have a clear picture of how these very important planetary movements of 2022 will influence your life, schedule your reading with me today!

Look for part two of the Venus Retrograde forecast in the next few days. In the meantime, happy new year! Pamela

New Moon Energy Forecast: What to Expect

The new Moon is at it's darkest January 2 at 10:33am Pacific Time. Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy of fiery Sagittarius which is associated with this new Moon:

▪ Spirituality and Religion

▪ Knowledge and higher education

▪ Maintaining focus and achieving goals

▪Maintaining focus and achieving goals

Which Part of my Lived Experience is Illuminated by New Moon Energy?

If you know your rising sign you can have a great idea where the new Moon energy is lighting up your birth chart! See below for details by rising sign. These are the areas of life that function best with the new Moon energies and new beginnings.

If you do not know your rising sign you can get it for free on my site here. Aries: Spirituality, philosophy, dharma, foreign travels Taurus: Transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity Gemini: Committed partnerships (personal and business) Cancer: Work, service, daily routine, habits and wellness Leo: Children, creativity, fun and games, speculation Virgo: Home, happiness, mother, land and vehicles Libra: Short distance travels, courage, communication, siblings Scorpio: Family, savings, speech Sagittarius: Self, perspective, health (this is a very personal for you Sagittarius) Capricorn: Subconscious, dreams, foreign lands, meditation, sleep, feet Aquarius: Earnings from work, social and career networking, older siblings Pisces: Career, public reputation

New Moon in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Which Actions Does this Nakshatra Support?

Those in the Vimshottari main or sub planetary periods of Venus or Moonwill feel this powerful new Moon energy even more. If you do not know which planetary period you are in you can calculate it for free on my site here.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra Deity: Apah/Apas Symbol: Elephants Tusk/Winnowing Basket Shakti: The Power of Invigoration Apah (or Apas) is the god of the cosmic waters. Water has the ability to purify, restore, and invigorate, and that is the shakti of Purva Ashadha. The winnowing basket is also associated with purification and is used to separate hay or bugs from the wheat or to remove the outer shell from the grain. Purification associated with Purva Ashadha can be physical, mental, or spiritual.

Learn more about the nakshatras in my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Combined with the new Moon energy, this is a powerful new Moon for new beginnings. I have also indicated the rising signs most suited to each type of new beginning. The watch-out with new beginnings started within Purva Ashadha nakshatra is this - be sure to connect with others feelings, rather than charging ahead solely on your own desires.

Purva Ashadha is supportive of: * Confronting important issues in your life (esp. Sagittarius, Cancer) * Defending your beliefs through persuasion (esp. Aries, Scorpio) * Reconciling with friends and family (esp. Scorpio, Libra) * Paying off old debts (esp. Taurus) * Starting a new athletic goal or cleansing treatment (esp. Sagittarius, Cancer) Of course Purva Ashadha is supportive for these matters for all rising signs but especially so for the rising signs I have indicated above next to each subject.

New Moon Ritual Timing

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: January 2, from 10:34am Pacific Time through January 3 at 12:00am Pacific Time,

This is just a reminder for those who are new to my new and full Moon forecasts and other articles -- my forecasts are created using the sidereal system calculations. Your rising sign, and other planets in your birth chart will usually (but not 100% of the time) shift signs from your tropically calculated horoscope. Sidereal calculations are about 24 degrees (less than) different than tropical calculations.

Want to learn more about Vedic Astrology? Check out my book here.

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