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Forecast by Rising Sign: New Moon in Aquarius March 5-6, 2019

Updated: May 18, 2019

Please read your rising sign forecast and/or Moon sign forecast. If you do not know this information, see below for ordering info.

If you happen to be running a planetary cycle that includes major or sub-period of Jupiter, you may feel this new Moon energy more strongly.

Keep in mind the individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor significantly into your personal experience!

Intention for this new Moon energy: I am in harmony with the vibration of the Sun, the new Moon, the Stars and the Planets.


Please read your rising sign forecast and/or Moon sign forecast. If you do not know this information, see below for ordering info.

Keep in mind the individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor significantly into your personal experience!

Aries This new Moon will give you the chance to set your intentions around where you see your earnings going for the next six month period. Whether you are self-employed, looking for a new job, managing your retirement investments, or own your own business, now is the time to get practical about your objectives; remember Saturn is in the new Moon mix (be sure to read my last article about the new Moon energies and Saturn here if you did not already!

Taurus If you have been unsure of your life purpose, this new Moon can support you in gaining clarity. Be sure to dream big with the new Moon and the energetic connection to Neptune, while still keeping your feet firmly on the ground at the same time, since practical Saturn is influencing, too! This is the ONLY new Moon in the most powerful house of your horoscope this year! Set your intentions and implement your new beginnings during the timing I mentioned in the last article on this new Moon here.

Gemini This once-in-a-year new Moon is going to light up the area of your life associated with your spiritual path, higher learning, and your key philosophies in life. Or if you have plans to teach or travel to another country now would be a great time to put your dreams out into the universe! Get ready to chart your course and set your intentions for this critical part of life. Aquarius represents your highest house of dharma in your birth chart - this chance only comes around the wheel once a year; seize the day! Be sure to check for new Moon ritual timesin my last article.

Cancer Moon child, these new and full lunar phases are always so important for you! This new Moon is no exception to the rule! You only experience one new Moon a year in the area of life associated with deep personal transformation. Your intuition may be running extra high around this new Moon in Aquarius. Think carefully about what you want to transmute in your life over the next six months as we go into the darkest hours of this new Moon phase!

Leo Relationships are up for you during this new Moon phase! This is your one chance in 2019 to harness the new Moon energy as it connects to your intentions around partnerships; both business and personal. If you are in a relationship, what would you like to change? If you are not, what would you like to attract? If you have business partners or are seeking to explore a business partnership now is the time to get serious about what you need (remember Saturn is in the mix!). If you have not read my last email about the general energy of this new Moon, please go back and read the short article.

Virgo This new Moon is a powerful time to set your intentions regarding how you want to spend your time on a daily basis, accomplishing work objectives and your health routines. As a Virgo rising, you are naturally inclined toward health and healing so this should be a easy one for you! And if you are in the health and healing field, you may want to consider what energies you want to emphasize or bring into your practice going forward. Keep in mind the Saturn-Neptune influences mentioned in my last article!

Libra Librans just want to have fun! One of the most social signs of the zodiac, this new Moon is asking you to decide where the fun is in your life, and where in life you would like for it to show up! Possibly some romance? Or an exploration of your creative gifts? Set your intentions for this new Moon phase for whatever it is that will bring more joy, more passion and more universal love into your life! This is the only time this year where the new Moon will fall into this special zone of your birth chart! Harness the energy of dreamy Neptune and practical Saturn to put your plans into motion. Be sure to check the times on my last article for initiation time periods.

Scorpio The area of your chart associated with your deepest personal happiness is being called into play during this new Moon! Remember, this is the only time this year you will have the support of the new Moon to create the container to manifest your future emotional well-being, your intuition, your physical home and how you want it to support your happiness, and your relationship as a mother and with your mother! So many important elements connected to this lunation. Be sure to dream big, while at the same time having your feet firmly on the ground since Neptune and Saturn are both involved in this new Moon energy.

Sagittarius If you have been wanting to change your communication style or ramp up your courage to tackle new projects, this new Moon is the time to focus on these key life qualities! This once-a-year opportunity will allow you to envision a new way of speaking, writing, or socializing. Do you want to put yourself out there more? Meet new people or submit an article or book for publication? Make good use of this new Moon in the area of your birth chart associated with this part of your life and put your plans into action during the times I shared in my last article.

Capricorn Goal-setting around your current and future financial well being is bolstered by this new Moon in sidereal Aquarius! Neptune may encourage you to set your sights high, but practical Saturn will be influencing to keep things real. Don't be afraid to have lofty goals at the high-end of things, yet set the bar at the midpoint. Earthly and realistic Capricorns can easily tune into the energy of Saturn since this is your chart ruler, so I don't think you will set your sights too far out there, even with Neptune in the mix!

Aquarius This is the ONLY new Moon in your rising sign this year! This is a huge opportunity to envision any deeply personal changes you want to manifest over the next six month period, until the full Moon in Leo. It could be anything - related to your health, physical appearance, general perspective on life, and your life essence! Take advantage of this rare chance to set your intentions anew for this super important new Moon.

Pisces Tap deep into your subconscious mind for this new Moon phase. Pay close attention to your dreams during the next few days too, since there may be powerful messages coming to the surface through the subconscious into your dreams. This would be an excellent time to begin a dream journal and start to work with your dreams on a regular basis, if you feel pulled to do so! Set your intentions now. Or if you would like to practice mindfulness, but haven't been able to make the commitment, this could be just the boost you need to gain the support of the stars. The close influence of Neptune can also enhance your psychic abilities at this new Moon, too.

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