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April Astrological Influences: What You Need to Know!

This is your April road-map to the stars and the most important astrological influences for the month. Plan ahead!

April is action packed with important planetary patterns!

Your April horoscopes are up for you now on my website, and your new and full Moon forecasts are also clearly labeled within the forecast in bold.

I tried to look at the forecast relative to what is happening in the context of our worldwide community right now and point out things that will be helpful or potentially challenging (and when!) for each rising sign.

Just a reminder that this email with the main planetary movements (below) are part of my new monthly forecast format!

If you want a Moon phase, zodiac sign crystal grid (pictured) for your new and full Moon rituals - you can find it here.

Mark your calendars for these important dates!

For my western astrology friends, please remember I use the sidereal zodiac and the calculations for planetary transits are different than the tropical zodiac calculations.

The influences I am sharing below are part of the monthly horoscopes by sign when relevant and my forecasts are written for non-astrologers and astrologers alike. So all my astrologer friends, enjoy the bullet points with key influences.

Non-astrologers you may want to skip this and hop on over to your horoscope for April where I will break it down in plain language!

These are the highlights and dates to mark on your calendars:

April: Venus in Taurus (through early May) • April: Mars exalted in Capricorn (through early May) • April 7: Mars Square Uranus • April 7: Full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra • April 7-23: Mercury in Pisces (debilitated) • April 9: Venus trine Saturn, Jupiter, Mars Pluto through 4/9 • April 12 – 13 Sun gandanta • April 13: Sun exalted in Aries (through mid May) • April 13: Sun square Pluto • April 20: Saturn square Sun • April 22: New Moon in Ashwini • April 24-25: Mercury gandanta • April 25: Sun conjunct Uranus

• Don’t forget to read your Saturn in Capricorn forecast if you have not already! This is a huge shift and will impact everyone for almost the next three years.

Thank you for being an email subscriber - as a subscriber you will be notified of this important monthly horoscope before anyone else!

My new Book!

Vedic Astrology for Beginners

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted a review for my new book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners! I have really enjoyed reading your reviews and find all of your feedback super helpful!

If you have not yet submitted your review, please do so now! Click here to submit your review. Your reviews help other people decide whether or not the book is a good fit for them at this point in their Jyotish Journey.

Thank you so much in advance!

Be well! Pamela


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