Taurus Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: January 2020

Your Monthly Horoscope by Pamela McDonough

Venus has left the planetary pack behind in Sagittarius, thank goodness! January 9 Venus heads out of serious Capricorn and slides into airy Aquarius. Once in Aquarius, Venus will be rooming with dreamy Neptune for the remainder of the month.


This is a terrific combination for creativity and daydreaming of romantic affairs, but not so great in the work sector of your chart unless you are an artist or a creative. There is some potential for delusion around your personal or business relationships during January. Stay very clear around your communication and boundaries at work in January. Especially since that rascal Rahu is influencing from airy Gemini! Rahu can really ramp up the illusory effect of Neptune with Venus, especially around mid-month. be sure to set the rose-colored glasses aside when it comes to relationships.


Furthermore, passionate Mars will be connecting with Venus in Aquarius and ramping up the relationship energies, which will peak on January 26.


Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020

The Lunar eclipse (full Moon) in Gemini is on January 10 and emphasizes your savings and other assets. This would be a great time to reconsider any large purchases or at least hold off on major purchases a day or two before and a few days after the Lunar eclipse if you can. There may be some financial goals that you and/or your partner are considering, and the eclipse may surface some issues around money that need to be addressed in order to achieve your long-term objectives in this area.

If you are not familiar with eastern philosophy surrounding eclipses, you may want to read this article - Eclipse Season: Top Six Things You Need to Know!


Saturn Changes Signs!

Fortunately Saturn, the absolute BEST planet for Taurus rising, is headed into his own sign on January 23, 2020. Put a gold star – no five gold stars on that date in your calendar on this date! Saturn has not been in Capricorn since March 1990. Take full advantage of this almost three-year movement of Saturn supporting abundance, higher learning, your spiritual path and foreign travel just to name a few things! It is also the highest house of dharma in the birth chart and Karmic Taskmaster Saturn will require right action, at any cost during this transit!


New Moon January 24, 2020

The January new Moon will be in full support of your intentions in these same areas of life, since the first new Moon of the year will be in Capricorn with Saturn, too! Unpredictable Uranus may have some surprises in store for you on or around the new Moon so stay tuned for some unexpected developments that may occur – maybe a an unplanned trip to a foreign land, or a an opening that comes up at the last minute for a workshop or course you wanted to take and thought was closed to registration.


Be sure to set your intentions because this new Moon in Shravana nakshatra could not be BETTER for ninth house matters and teaching/learning! This is the ONLY new Moon in your ninth house this year, do not miss it!

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