Aries Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: February 2020

Your Month Ahead

Your chart ruler Mars finishes his stay in sultry Scorpio on February 7 and heads into fiery Sagittarius to join spiritual Ketu and expansive Jupiter for the balance of February and into March!


But before Mars is fully established in Sagittarius, he will be in the vulnerable gandanta zone – the last part of watery Scorpio, and the first part of fiery Sagittarius from February 6-9. Not the time to take any personal risks!  Think of this area of the chart like the boundary between two countries that don’t play well together.  


Once established in Sagittarius Mars and Jupiter together create an especially powerful blend of expansive and action-oriented energies. They create an influential yoga (combination) creating support for determination, leadership, giving good advice, personal energy and technical abilities.


The only watch-out is not to overdo things during this time! The fiery energy of Sagittarius and Mars combined with expansive Jupiter can push Mars toward overextending oneself.          


February 8 Full Moon in Cancer

The full Moon in Cancer happens the day after Mars moves into Sagittarius. This brilliant Cancer full Moon is especially glowing its own sign and will illuminate the areas of life related to your home, happiness, mother and intuition. This will signal the perfect time complete projects related to your home, land or vehicles.


The full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra is a particularly good nakshatra for endings and for disposing of things. Since the full Moon occurs in your fourth house it is a fantastic time to clear that clutter! Marie Kondo it! Especially in the northwest direction of your home or property, since northwest is the direction related to Moon.


After the full Moon, fiery Mars will be moving toward detached and spiritual Ketu for the next two weeks, finally to join Ketu on February 23 on the new Moon. Ketu has extreme fiery energy, as does Mars and the zodiac sign Sagittarius! This is a potentially explosive combination, especially if you are in the main or sub period of Ketu.


Mark your calendar a few days before these two meet up!


Unpredictable Uranus will be in the mix too, so go slowly, breathe, take your time (I know Aries – this is not your strong suit!) when doing any physical task.


Be sure to watch your head around this time – Mars rules the first house which is the top and back of the head and remember – Ketu is HEADLESS!


So there is great potential for “headless” or mindless behaviors that could lead to less than desirable results. A few days to pay close attention to Aries and note on your calendar is February 22 through 24.


Once Mars moves past Ketu (whew!) he is moving toward joyful Jupiter! This will really invigorate Mars and will create the potential for a last-minute journey to a foreign land, especially after February 27 and into March. Or you may decide to take a meditation course or a workshop, or even go back to school!

February 23 New Moon in Aquarius

The new Moon in Aquarius is fabulous for extending your social network, either online or in person! If you have been considering getting involved in a new group or network for fun or to support your career, this is the time to set your intentions.


Focus more attention online and reaching out to a global network since Rahu is in a harmonious sign and very strongly influencing this new Moon.


Since Mercury is retrograde in the same sign and house as the new Moon on February 23, there is a double emphasis on social networking for fun or for your career. Mercury retrograde forecast coming on February 15 - check back here for your forecast!


Saturn shifted signs last month and will be in his own sign Capricorn for almost three years. This has major implications for career and earnings from your work. You can read your Saturn in Capricorn through January 2023 forecast here.

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