Aries May Vedic Astrology Forecast

Mars has been hard at work in Capricorn the last six weeks! Once he moves into Aquarius on May 4, you will be ready to have some fun! Aquarius is an air sign and therefore this sign will provide Mars with a more socially oriented influence through June 18.


Social networking, achieving goals and working toward humanitarian achievements will also factor into May and part of June. Mars is receiving some influence from innovative Rahu during this time. This influence may signal that is time reinvent the wheel! Rahu can give great technical and creative skills to Mars at this time.


Although keep in mind hard-working Saturn in Capricorn controls all planets passing through Aquarius, so try to balance out the hard work with some fun in life!


May 9-12 can bring some tension in communications since Mars and Mercury will be squaring off at this time. This is definitely a time to count to ten when speaking with best friends or younger siblings since Mercury is responsible for them as well as communication. You may also want to be extra aware of your health around this time since health and wellness is also ruled by Mercury as your sixth house lord.

To close out the month, fiery Mars and Sun square off. The tension from this square is released through drive to succeed and overcoming potential creative obstacles or issues with authority figures. Beware of working too hard to blast through potential obstacles.

Venus is going retrograde in your second house on May 12, so you may be rethinking your long-term assets and savings goals during the retrograde phase that goes through June 25.  Once Venus goes direct on June 25 is the best time to put your new plans in to place. But please keep it real since a square to Venus from Neptune for most of May has the potential to create a grand illusion around financial matters.   

May 7 full Flower Super Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra

This full Moon occurs in your romantic partnership zone of your birth chart. Since full Moons signal endings, which relationship goals or objectives can you bring to completion at the time of this full Flower Moon?

Moon is also the ruler of your fourth house of home and inner peace - connect the dots between your relationship and your home. Do you have a project that needs to be completed so you can fully enjoy your living spaces? This will be especially important for you now given current circumstances. Make your home your nest of comfort, peace and joy!


May 22 Purifying New Moon in Krittika Nakshatra

Harness this powerful new Moon in the area of your chart connected with family, your speech and your long term savings. What needs to be purified? What new objective do you have that you can set intentions for during this new Moon? Be realistic - serious Saturn is in play.

Also keep in mind the actions supported by the new Moon in Krittika nakshatra; purification, transformation, courageous activities, beginning new ventures or events (this is specific to this nakshatra AND the new Moon - double good indications for new projects!).

The new Moon occurs at 7:56 Taurus - if you have any planets or your rising sign between 4-12 degrees in any of the three earth signs; Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, this new Moon will significantly energize those planets and the areas of your chart they represent! (You can calculate your Vedic birth chart here for free).


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Saturn shifted signs last month and will be in his own sign Capricorn for almost three years. This has major implications for career and earnings from your work. You can read your Saturn in Capricorn through January 2023 forecast here.

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