Aries October 31 Halloween Full Moon Forecast

Your ruler Mars is still retrograde during this Halloween full Moon! It is however your one and only full Moon in your sign this year, so bask in the glorious bright light of this Bharani nakshatra Moon.

This is the strongest Moon of the year for you for personal endings. Anything you want to complete or eradicate (remember, Yama is the presiding deity of Bharani!), this is your chance to do so.

Since the full Moon is in close quarters with Uranus you may also have some exciting news about your home or possibly a surprise message from your mother.

October 16 New Moon Forecast

Your ruler Mars is retrograde through November 13, so this may not be a great time for important new beginnings of any kind, regardless of the new Moon phase!

The new Moon is bringing energy to your daily routine, work and service as well as health and healing. With retrograde Mars connecting so strongly with this new Moon energy (it is almost directly opposite the new Moon!), this could be a good time contemplate your health and well being and once Mars goes direct consider a new daily routine that is supportive and nurturing for mind, body and spirit!

October 1 Full Moon Forecast

This fabulous Harvest Full Moon illuminates your subconscious mind, and Moon as ruler of mind and emotions could surface some intense feeling around this full Moon time, including the day before and after. This is also a very powerful full Moon for receiving messages through dreams, so pay close attention to and write down your dreams!

If you are planning endings, this is an excellent time to work with mindfulness to end any undesirable mental or emotional habits. Especially related to bedtime routines and sleep! As I mentioned in part one of this forecasts, this full Moon is unusually without influence from other planets.

With joyful Jupiter and had working Saturn finally direct, you may feel as though things are moving forward in your career, social networking  and anything to do with your spiritual path and higher learning.

That said, your fiery ruler Mars is still retrograde (be sure to read the Mars retrograde post after this full Moon forecast!).

Be sure to read part one of this forecast for ritual timing and much more!

Mars Retrograde 2020 and Key Fall Transits

Mars retrograde 9/9 - 11/13

Mars square Saturn 9/15-30

Mars square Pluto 10/1-15 and 12/15-23

Aries, the upcoming Mars retrograde is going to be very important for you! September 9 - November 13, your chart ruler Mars is turning backward in its own sign of Aries. As your all important ruler, this will signal a time to go inward and review important life values. Since this is your first house of self, you may also be re-evaluating health goals. If for any reason you have any health issue arise during this retrograde period be sure to get it checked out!

Once Mars goes direct in mid-November is the time to put your new personal goals and objectives into action!

Mars is also in a somewhat challenging relationship with Saturn this fall. The most intense times will be September 15-30 and again just after the new year (I cannot believe I am even referring to 2021 already!). This combination of opposing planetary energies can at times be frustrating! Especially for those ruled by action oriented, fiery Mars! The key during this time period will be to slooowwww way down - easier said than done for you, Aries. But do try. Saturn wants to go slowly, step by step. Mars wants to race to the finish line. The age old story of the tortoise and the hare!


Additionally Mars will be at odds (squaring) transformative Pluto 10/1-15 and 12/15-23. More intense energies.


Mars retrograde (9/9 - 11/13) 

  • Mars Retrograde Negative: Revisiting situations or experiences that can re-surface anger, aggression or impulsiveness.

  • Mars retrograde Positive: Revising reactivity to situations that would normally cause frustration, impulsiveness or anger.

Mars square Saturn (9/15-30)

  • Mars Square Saturn Positive : Problem solving, tenacity, courage and methodical process combined.

  • Mars Square Saturn Negative: Frustration and anger, feeling blocked.

Mars square Pluto 10/1-15 and 12/15-23

  • Mars Square Pluto Positive : Unearthing subconscious patterns that no longer serve your highest good, harness energy of these two to create positive physical and emotional changes.

  • Mars Square Pluto Negative: Subconscious rage, hidden aggression, manipulative behaviors

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