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Jupiter in Aquarius Transit 2021:  Horoscopes by Sign

Below is your Jupiter in Aquarius forecast by rising sign for 2021-2022

If you do not know your Vedic rising, Sun or Moon signs (they will typically be different from your Western astrology sign), you can calculate it for free on my site here.

If you know your rising sign, reading the forecast for your rising sign will be the most accurate, but you can also read the forecast your Vedic Sun and/or Moon signs, too.


Please note that this forecast is created using the Vedic sidereal zodiac system, which is calculated differently Western tropical astrology. The difference is ~ 24 degrees at this time. So if your Tropical zodiac rising degree or any planet is 23:50 degrees or lower, then it will go back one sign in the sidereal system.

If you did not read part one of this Jupiter in Aquarius Transit forecast - you can find it on my blog here.

"As someone who began their astrological journey in Western astrology and then transitioned into Vedic astrology, I share many key differences in this book between the two systems so that anyone familiar with Western astrology but is also interested in learning about Jyotish can easily and quickly begin their journey with this book and establish a strong foundation for future learning." - Pamela


Astrology Forecast by Pamela McDonough


Jupiter is headed into the area of your chart associated with expanding your financial gains from working with large organizations, your social and business networks.

You can also earn from teaching others while Jupiter is in Aquarius, especially in large groups. Jupiter will also influence and expand and bring wisdom to your writing and courage to your day to day activities. Your business and personal relationships may require more freedom during this transit.


Jupiter has arrived in the most powerful zone of your birth chart - the tenth house! This is the part of your chart that represents your career and public reputation. In the next year while Jupiter graces your tenth house, this will be a wonderful time to share with others your wisdom and teach others your area of expertise. This only happens once every twelve years so be sure to take advantage of this key transit.


If you are self employed, this period will be supportive for creating new courses and workshops. Especially with large groups of people. And if you are an astrologer, are in the field of research or science this can be an outstanding year for you. Of course your individual birth chart and planetary cycles factor into the mix! It is also a great time to expand your savings account, and make improvements to your daily routine that can positively impact your health.


Your work may take on a teaching quality or you may even be doing some work in a a foreign country while Jupiter moves through Aquarius. Your partner may also be involved in working for a large organization or may travel to distant lands for business during this time. Since Jupiter will also be influencing the first house of self and the physical body, you may want to be conscious of Jupiter's ability to expand your waistline. :)


The fifth house of creativity is also aspected by Jupiter and your creative abilities may expand during this time, and take on a more spiritual quality. A great time to create yantras, sacred geometry or other spiritually oriented art. If you are thinking about adding a baby to your family, this could be your year!


Time to expand your knowledge of the astrology, mystical and occult sciences! You may be interested in joining a group or other organization to learn more about the esoteric arts. And if you are in the healing arts field, you will put your new found wisdom to good use during this transit of Jupiter through Aquarius.


Jupiter will also be influencing you sleep and dreams and you may receive powerful teachings through your dream time. If you are thinking about expanding your current residence or moving to a larger space, this is generally a supportive transit to make the move. Of course your individual birth chart should always be consulted!


Things will finally be looking up and feeling more buoyant for you in so many ways, Leo! Jupiter will be expanding your relationships - both business and personal during this transit. Jupiter does love freedom though, so if you are in a committed partnership be aware of your partners needs during this time. Jupiter can also bring some creative energies to your relationship. This is a great time to collaborate creatively with a partner.


Jupiter's influence to your 11th house can support expansion of your income from your career and networking with groups. If you have not been involved with large social or business networks before this time, now is a great time to join!


This transit of Jupiter is fabulous for going deep into the wisdom of Jupiter and the healing arts. It is a fantastic time to help others and possibly offer to be of service with some healing work to charitable organizations. Your partner may take on some work abroad during this time.


Jupiter will also be expanding your public reputation, your career and the type of work you do. This can result in some additional savings and assets. The expansive quality of Jupiter can also increase your food intake during this time since Jupiter will be aspecting your second house of food, and since Jupiter rules body fat and also fatty foods like dairy, you may want to be aware of what types of foods you are drawn to and how much you are consuming during this time.


Jupiter is headed into one of the dharma houses, which is Jupiter's favorite type of house to visit! Jupiter in your fifth house will support and expand your creativity, especially related to writing since Jupiter rules your third house of written communication, Your relationship with your children will be smooth (or possibly you will be expanding your family!).


This buoyant and expansive Jupiterian energy will also extend into the ninth house of higher learning, teaching others, spirituality and philosophy. It will be a fantastic time to return to school or take a workshop, either to advance learning in a current area of expertise or for your spiritual path. Jupiter's influence to the first house n general has the ability to bring so much joy and happiness to your days!


Joyful Jupiter is going to be influencing your peace of mind, happiness and home for about the next year! This is a great placement for gains through property and homes (of course the individual chart must always be consulted, too!). Your relationship with your mother may improve during this time, too.


The aspect of Jupiter to the eighth house shows a good time to increase your knowledge of astrology, mysticism or any of the esoteric arts. The influence to your twelfth house can improve sleep, the sub-conscious mind and meditation. You may gain wisdom through your dreams - the perfect year to start a dream journal!


Jupiter is all important your chart ruler, so any major movement of Jupiter, such as changing signs as it is now is significant. The third house of communication will receive Jupiter for the year, expanding your teachings primarily through the written word, since writing (and not speech) comes out of the third house. This could be your year to write that book that has been kicking around in your mind.


Your romantic relationships may also take a very spiritual turn during this time. If you are in a committed relationship, your partner may require more personal freedom during the next 12 months. Gains from your work will be increasing and this is a great year to build your social and business networks to create financial gain.


Expansive and spiritual Jupiter is moving out of your first house into the second, This is the realm of expanding your savings and assets and your connection to your family of origin. From your second house Jupiter will also influence and expand your daily routine, work and being of service to pets and people who are not as fortunate.


Jupiter is sending his buoyant and expansive gaze to the 10th house which is the most visible house of the horoscope. Your career and public reputation will also feel the golden touch of Jupiter over the next year. This will be a great time to share your wisdom with others in your field of expertise and for teaching classes and workshops.


YAY! Jupiter has finally come to visit your first house of the self for the first time since 2009. Did anything that was very personally significant occur for you from 2009-2010?


Jupiter rules the money houses for Aquarius rising, the second and eleventh houses. This will place your earned income and your assets and savings squarely in the forefront of your mind for the next year. Jupiter being the spiritual planet he is, is not super concerned about finances. So for Aquarius rising spiritual values will also be of importance while Jupiter is in Aquarius.


This could be the year when you head off to another country for work or possibly visit a foreign land for a meditation or spiritual retreat  (assuming the current pandemic situation improves!).

If travel isn't on the horizon for you, then a meditation program at home would also be indicated during this time. And Jupiter going through your twelfth house for the next year is great for a deep dive into the sub-conscious mind through your dreams. Jupiter can bring so much wisdom and teachings through the dream state that can help clear the clutter of the sub-conscious.


Aquarius is the last sign Jupiter will transit through for Pisces rising and the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle will begin for you April of 2022.

"As someone who began their astrological journey in Western astrology and then transitioned into Vedic astrology, I share many key differences in this book between the two systems so that anyone familiar with Western astrology but is also interested in learning about Jyotish can easily and quickly begin their journey with this book and establish a strong foundation for future learning." - Pamela

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