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Mercury, the planet of writing, communication, business and education, is taking steps to move backward, now.

Mercury, the planet of writing, communication, business and education, is taking steps backward, now and for the next next three weeks! Take advantage of this time to re-assess, re-evaluate, re-consider, re-visit, or just redo!

Mercury is also fairly weak during its transit through Pisces (see exact dates for Mercury in Pisces at the bottom of this newsletter). The annual trip through Pisces can be a sensitive time for Mercury since this planet represents the rational, analytical mind swimming through the very watery and dreamy Pisces. This time will be great for creativity and concepts, but not so much for strategic thinking! This can also be a time for developing intuition (regardless of your rising sign!) and really tuning into to others thoughts and feelings.

Mercury in airy Aquarius functions very differently than in Pisces! Mercury is much more idealistic in Aquarius and tends to support "being in our heads".

Mercury spends 2/3 of the retrograde phase in Aquarius, so the emphasis will primarily be on this sign and the house it rules in your horoscope. The forecast reflects this philosophy.

Gemini and Virgo rising, or those with Sun, Moon and/or chart ruler in either of these signs, take particular note!


Please read your rising sign forecast and/or Moon sign forecast. If you do not know this information, see below for ordering info._ Keep in mind the individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor significantly into your personal experience!

Aries This Mercury retrograde phase may signal a re-evaluation of your connections to large groups and casual friendships (rather than your BFF), and your earnings from your work or career, if you are currently working. The idealistic nature of Aquarius could create some mental disruption so be sure to have checks and balances in place during this retrograde period in case you do need to make some important decisions.

Taurus Take particular care around your communication at work, and pay special attention your speech during this retrograde period. The influence of Saturn to Mercury in Aquarius can create a very direct approach to communication and sometimes more diplomacy may be required in certain professional and personal circumstances. If you experience any issues with your gums and/or teeth, be sure to get to the dentist and have things checked out!

Gemini Mercury is your all-important chart ruler! Thinking about going back to school or taking a course? This retrograde phase could prompt you to reconsider the choice to go back to school or enroll in a course. You may even revisit the idea of a trip to a far away land during this retrograde phase. You may also re-visit a decision around moving, or buying a home during this time. It is usually best to wait until Mercury goes direct for big decisions such as moving, but if you are reconsidering moving into an apartment or home that you have looked at previously then the retrograde phase is the perfect time to re-assess this option and make a decision.

Cancer It may be time to rewrite or totally change an article or book you are currently working on or thinking about writing. Utilize this super supportive retrograde phase to conduct research efforts regarding a special topic you might be involved in, whether it is for work or for personal reasons. Or it could be time to update or review your text on your website, if you are self employed. If you and a younger sibling have had a falling out, the retrograde period with Mercury in Aquarius (see dates below) might specifically be a time to let any emotionally charged situation settle down before trying to repair any outstanding issues.

Leo It may be time to reassess your business partnerships, especially as they are related to financial matters. Especially from the viewpoint as to how your business or personal relationships might be impacting your earnings from your business or career, or your savings. If you are not in the workplace (and if you are too!) then you can utilize this retrograde phase to have a close look at your long term savings and spending plan and see if you need make any adjustments based upon your lifestyle.

Virgo Since Mercury is your super important chart ruler, you may be re-evaluating your day to day routine. If you recently began a new diet or exercise plan at the beginning of 2019, you may choose to take this time to decide what is working and what isn't. You may also be taking a close look at your business and efficiency of your daily activities related to your work, whether you are self employed or working for someone else.

Libra If you have been waiting to sign a contract, this retrograde period will be an excellent time to review and check or any changes you would like to make. Especially any contracts related to children or creative projects. And if you do have to sign something during the retrograde phase, no worries! Just be sure to go through everything with a fine tooth comb, or even have a professional double check it before you sign on the dotted line.

Scorpio If you have been thinking about spending some money on a remodel or possibly moving, you can utilize this Mercury retrograde phase to re-evaluate your decision. If you are a student of astrology, the tarot, crystals or any other occult science, this will be an excellent time to review any of your study material.

Sagittarius This retrograde period could offer you a supportive time to review your communicate with a partner or spouse, business partner and/or your communication protocols at work or in your own business. Figure out what is working and what isn't during this three week period and implement your changes once Mercury has gone direct (see dates below).

Capricorn If you implemented new dietary routines during the new year, you may decide to revisit these choices during this Mercury retrograde phase in Aquarius specifically (see dates below). It is an excellent time to reassess your dietary needs and concerns. Ideally best to wait until Mercury goes direct to put your new and revised plan into practice.

Aquarius Dealing with your children or adult children may be coming into focus during this Mercury retrograde in Aquarius time period (see below for specific dates). You could decide to transform your relationship with your children, or possibly you are re-assessing whether or not you want to have more children during this time. A great time to contemplate these important life choices! Implementing new plans is always best when done once Mercury goes direct on 3/28/19, if possible.

Pisces Maybe you or your partner are being called back to finish some work in a foreign country during this time, or possibly you are considering moving to a foreign land? This is a supportive time period for introspection regarding these important life decisions. And if your mother happens to become ill during this time period (I am not saying this will happen! This is VERY specific to the individual horoscope!) please be sure that she gets the professional care that is required for the situation. Retrograde phases can be very hard on health, particularly for those who have already had issues and/or who are advanced in age.

*Schedule a reading with Pamela if you want a detailed reading of this Mercury retrograde influence in your life!

Astrological Nuts and Bolts of the Mercury Retrograde Transit

For those who want more technical astrological details! All dates are relative to Pacific Standard Time and calculations using the sidereal system.

  • Mercury entered sidereal Pisces - 2/24/19

  • Mercury Retrograde - 3/5/19

  • Mercury Retrograde back to Aquarius - 3/14/19

  • Mercury Direct - 3/28/19

  • Mercury re-enters Pisces 4/11/19

  • Leaves sidereal Pisces 5/3/19

  • Other planetary Transits to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio: * 3/14-17 Rahu aspects Mercury AND Mercury(r) combust Sun. This will be a VERY KEY day to CAREFULLY assess all communications before writing/sending/speaking!!!

  • 3/18-20 Saturn aspects Mercury

  • 4/15 Venus moves into Pisces, supporting and strengthening Mercury for the remainder of the transit.

  • Mercury gandanta - very weak 5/2-3.

Here is the nakshatra info for the Mercury through Scorpio transit:

  • Mercury in Poorva Bhadrapada now through 2/28 and 3/10 - 4/14

  • Mercury in Uttara Bhadrapada 2/28 - 3/10 and 4/14 - 4/24

  • Mercury in Revati 4/24 - 5/3 (gandanta last day of Revati transit)

Thank you for taking time to read this blog post and happy transits!



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