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January 12 New Moon: Superlative for New Beginnings!

The first new Moon of 2021 is fabulous for new beginnings! Be sure to read your new Moon energy forecast (below) first, then hop on over to my site and read the new Moon forecast for your sign.

New Moon January 12 @ 8:59pm Pacific Time

My western astrology/tropical zodiac friends please keep in mind the calculations I use are sidereal vs tropical, so Sagittarius, not Capricorn.

If you are Sagittarius rising, this is your one and only new Moon in your sign during 2021. Be sure to use the energy of the new Moon to begin something personal!

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy for all associated with this new Moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius: ▪ Philosophy

▪ Justice

▪ Wisdom and higher learning

▪ Spirituality and Religion

▪ Independence

The nakshatra or lunar mansion, also significantly colors the experience of the new Moon and gives us a lot more information to determine what the new Moon energy is supportive for in our daily life. Even if you follow the tropical system, the new Moon still will occur visibly (from our perspective on earth) among the fixed stars and Uttara Ashadha nakshatra. See below for the details!

New Moon in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: The Latter Victory!

This excerpt on Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra is from my new book Vedic Astrology for Beginners: An Introduction to the Origins and Core Concepts of Jyotish

UTTARA ASHADHA, “LATTER VICTORY” Deity: Vishvadevas Symbol: Planks of a Bed Shakti: The Power to Give Unstoppable Victory Quality: Fixed

The Vishvadevas is the universe personified as god. Sri Aurobindo describes them as the universal collective of divine powers, and they are the presiding deities of Uttara Ashadha. This nakshatra is filled with the divine energy of the Vishvadevas and gives an individual the ability to focus on the needs of others and to support and uplift others spiritually, including society at large. Much like the planks of the bed that are the foundation or support for the mattress (and not meant to be rested upon, unlike the bed symbolized in Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni).. read more in my new book. (Copyright © 2020, by Rockridge Press, Emeryville, California)

The energy of Uttara Ashadha is one of the BEST nakshatras for new beginnings! Also supports: ▪ Rituals and spiritual activities

▪ New Businesses or new activities within existing business

▪ Signing contracts and handling legal matters

▪ Laying the foundation for a building or a foundation for anything else (metaphorically speaking!)

▪ Launching new items or new promotions

▪ Beginning a political career or activities related to politics.

New Healing Moon Intention - "It all begins when the soul would have its way with you. " — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Set your intentions during the new Moon phase but conduct your rituals AFTER the phase shifts to waxing if you are intending to use this energy for powerful new beginning - see times below!

New Moon Ritual Timing for New Beginnings

New Moon Phase (Poornima): Begins 1/11 @10:52pm Pacific Time Ends: 1/12 @ 8:59pm Pacific Time

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: 1/12 @ 8:59pm Pacific Time through 1/13 @ 3:42am Pacific Time

Moon phase zodiac crystal grid now available in my MoondanceAlchemy Etsy shop!

Happy new Moon and thank you for taking time to read my words! Sending out much healing energy to everyone and my sincere gratitude for your continued support during these difficult times.

Be well! Pamela

You can calculate your Vedic birth chart free on my website here. Check for Moon rising and setting times in your area.


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