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April New Moon: Everything You Need to Know!

In this article:

▪ PART l: New Moon Forecast

▪ New Moon in Pisces - what does this mean?

▪ New Moon in Revati nakshatra - what is it good for?

▪ Other Influences to the New Moon

▪ Timing for New Moon Ritual

▪ Timing for New Moon Beginnings

PART l: New Moon Forecast

The new Moon on April 5 is happening at 21:09 (sidereal) Pisces. This is the only new Moon in Pisces for the year, so pay close attention to this forecast! It's your only chance this year to tap into this Pisces new Moon energy. Particularly important for Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio rising, since this new Moon will be in a harmonious flow to your sensitive and watery rising signs.

I am using sidereal calculations for this new Moon forecast.

New Moon in Pisces - what does this mean?

Pisces is the sign of the zodiac most associated with endings, the subconscious mind, recycling, It is the final zodiac sign (if you are starting from the natural first house of Aries). New Moon in Pisces can have sensitive, emotional, intuitive, and compassionate qualities. The Pisces-Moon influence creates a bit of a dreamer for all of us, and this new moon is no exception.

Revati Nakshatra

New Moon in Revati nakshatra

Revati : Star of Wealth Symbol: A Pair of Fish Deity: Pushan New Moon Energy: The Power to Protect, Nourish and Foster

The lunar mansion of Revati has a soft energy. This is in part due to the nature of the presiding deity, Pushan.

Pushan (one of the 12 Adityas) is know as the Animal Keeper of the Gods, and is the guide, shepherd and protector of the herds as they move from one place to another.

Pushan is called upon to assist with safe travel. He is also considered to be the all important the protector of the soul in its journey to the next world, a super important journey!

Revati nakshatra energy is:

▪ Nourishing ▪ Supportive ▪ Protective ▪ Prosperous ▪ Focused on endings (it is the final nakshatra of the zodiac), particularly the last quarter.

This new Moon phase, particularly while Moon is in Revati, is more about endings than beginnings. Remember, Revati is the final nakshatra, in the final house of the horoscope! This new Moon day, it might be ideal to end something that you want to conclude so you can open a space in your life for a new beginning in the two weeks to come as the Moon waxes. See below for best time to initiate new beginnings!

Other Planetary Influences to the New Moon in Pisces

There is an underlying practicality to this new Moon due to the influence of Saturn. And the new Moon falling into the second part (pada) of Revati nakshatra emphasizes the practical influence of Saturn. The fantasy oriented nature of Moon in Pisces is contrary to the Saturn influence. So whatever you want to begin anew, be sure to double-check your dreams against reality!

Rahu/Ketu and Pluto are also in a tense square to the new Moon(a square is a 90 degree angle - planets that are in signs that have inharmonious elements, in this case fire and water) Pay attention to the subconscious mind and any tensions around emotional patterns that arise.

This new Moon in Pisces will also light up the area of life associated with the house that Pisces represents in your birth chart. If you know your rising sign, you can set your intentions for new beginnings for that particular house.

New Moon Ritual Timing:

As I mentioned earlier in this article, this new Moon energy is particularly good for endings.

Amavasya Tithi (new Moon phase)

Begins 4/4/19 @ 12:21am PDT Ends 4/5/19 @ 1:50am PDT

Anything that needs to be to wrapped up prior to starting your new beginnings (see below!) is best done from April 4, 5:05pm PDT to April 5 1:50am PDT.

Best Timing for New Moon Beginnings

The energy into supportive new beginnings will shift after 9pm PDT on April 5, when the Moon is in the lunar mansion of Ashwini during the first waxing phase until April 6 at 8pm PDT. Ashwini star is excellent for starting a new business venture, travel, healing work, and taking a new herb or medicine.

Be sure to check out my April new Moon horoscope by rising sign on this blog.


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