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Learning about the planets, the universe, and my specific chart was fascinating. Amazing how many things Pam thought would be true about me and my experiences were dead on without ever meeting me.


More importantly she probed into current experiences and provided a different lens to think about current situations and goals based on my chart and provide tools and tricks to approach these in a more productive way. It's already working. I feel great and approach people, decisions, thoughts, in a new and inspiring way. I look forward to more readings. A true gift!

Russel G.


Pam has been reading for me for several years and bringing her continually expanding deeper insight to chart interpretation with skill, humour and enthusiasm. She has read my chart and those of my (teenage) children and helped me understand them as individuals as well by looking at our dynamics together.

Aileen G.


I have had several readings with Pamela over the course of what could be the most difficult year of my life. She was simply amazing and gave such accurate insight into what was occurring and what I could expect in the future. I will look to her for guidance going forward, most certainly.


For someone, like me, who does not make a move in life without absolute certainty of the outcome(s), Pamela is an essential guide in navigating the unknown. I have made a few very tough decisions based on my readings with her and have been pleased at how well I have managed through the quagmire. She is the most open and honest person with such a loving way and gives light to situations, regardless of how difficult they may be. I trust in her completely and appreciate her encouragement and inspiration.

Lisa M.

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